Interview with the Health 2.0 conference organizers

/Interview with the Health 2.0 conference organizers

Interview with the Health 2.0 conference organizers

From the 9th to the 12th of May 2016 the Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona will take place. During the time of the year when it is best to be in Barcelona. Not only because of the Health 2.0 conference. Also because at the beginning of May the temperature in Barcelona is perfect and the beaches are really enjoyable.

For you, we interviewed Aline Noizelt and Pascal Lardier, who are responsible for the organization of the conference.

At the conference over 50 showcases of up to date and innovative health technology will be presented.

The opening keynote speech will be given by Esther Dyson, business angel and board member in various health-care companies.
Other keynotes come from Dr. Rafael Grossmann, the surgeon who is known to be the first surgeon who used the Google Glass for a surgery, from Yves Caseau, the Head of Digital and Innovation at AXA, from Dr. Julio Mayol, Director of Innovation at the Hospital Clinico San Carlos, and also from Pēteris Zilgalvis who works as the Head of the Unit: “eHealth and Well Being” for the European Commission.

Within the interview you will hear how the digital transformation affects health and where the health care system is going in the close future.

Also Pascal unveils how he selects the showcases for the conference and how he writes conference programs.

Both and Aline and Pascal let us know where in the health area they see unmet needs for Entrepreneurs to take advantage of and to provide solutions for.

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