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/Interview with Productive Mobile

Interview with Productive Mobile

logo-productive-mobileWe talk to Anthony from productive mobile; from the first class of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin. He is co-founder of Evomob and Productive Mobile. Evomob provides its customers a non-coding method to transform a traditional website into a mobile website for smart phones or tablets.

Anthony has an interesting story to tell, how he arrived with this company in Germany. We talk about studies in London, software companies in India and why one should get more information about a country before setting up shop there.

Anthony and Joern agree that the world is flat and due to this the mobile internet is getting more and more important.

Anthony tells us, how his “old company” Evomob pivoted during its time in the the MS Accelerator, into the “new” company Productive Mobile. For Productive Mobile we discuss the help they have gotten from the Accelerator and which doors have been opened by Microsoft for Productive Mobile by the connections.

Tune it to learn more.


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