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In this interview, talks to Joeri Van Cauteren ( – Growth Product Manager and Hederik Laloo – Growth Manager ( both working at the Belgian based startup Investsuite ( Investsuite is a wealthtech startup, which offers personalized advise for investments below the usual wealth management thresholds, often at 250.000 US$ or more The focus of Investsuite is more on safety than on return.

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We are media partners of Euro Finance Tech and we have been there to talk to some startups for you.

We really enjoyed Euro Finance Tech, you will find some outtakes during our 12 days of Christmas and you can also have a look at our Instagram profile

During this interview we talk about:
Markowitz Portfolio Theory: by Harry Markowitz
Normal distribution:
Value at risk:
Conditional value at risk:
Joern wanted to ask for the Power Ball numbers, not the Super Bowl numbers … sorry, but they would have been on Sat, Nov 17, 2018: 8, 6, 68, 20, 52, 5

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