Today we present you Frankfurt Forward’s Startup of the Month – February 2019 – as Media Partner.

Unfortunately, we experienced technical difficulties, so we only have an audio podcast this time.

In this interview, is talking to Christina Kraus ( Founder and Product Management of Frankfurt-based MeshCloud ( In this interview, we talk to Christina about MeshCloud, German Accelerator Tech, New York, what Frankfurt means to her and why cloud computing and data centers are big business in Frankfurt.

“Given the cloud infrastructure there is actually no other place in Germany MeshCloud could be based”

“This whole ecosystem with all the startups – within the last two years – has grown and has evolved so much, it feels like Frankfurt is growing up.”

“We as a company grow up and so does the Frankfurt Ecosystem … That’s a very exciting time to be here. Because you can help shape the ecosystem”


Here are some impressions from our interview …

The last interview I had with Christina was at Aufschwungmesse in Spring 2018: