Gaurav did attend the RegTech event here in Frankfurt, in TechQuartier (TQ). TQ is one of the hubs of the emerging Frankfurt startup community. TQ did invite to the event talking about the impact the Brexit will have on RegTech startups.

This will be a short series. Here is our follow up our interviews with Dr. Andrei Kirilenko, the Director of the Centre for Global Finance and Technology at the Imperial College Business School.

This interview is quite densely packed with information. Just a few links here:

Clearing (finance)

Back Office


Moore’s Law

Types of Blockchains (Computers)


Tune in to learn more.


Disclaimer: We did our best to improve the audio quality, but doing live interviews, sometimes on the go, results usually not in the highest audio quality. We apologize for the lower audio quality upfront and still hope you can draw insights from the interview. Non-the less we hope you enjoy it anyways. Next time we will be a bit better! PROMISE!