We attended the second Startup Weekend in Frankfurt am Main / Rhein-Main region in Germany during October 2014. We did catch some of the teams to make a brief interview about their startup idea after the final pitch. Listen to the ideas and the potential founders who are all seeking capital.

  • Sascha and Kan developed the idea of classboard.de, which is a one-way communication platform from teachers to their students.
  • Costly sports gear is at the center of the idea of Hui and Karl. They want to develop a platform where one can rent expensive sports gear like surfboard, kayaks and the like.
  • Christian lost his foreign language skills due to a surgery. He taught himself all the English you hear in this interview. He developed talkreal.org to teach other people languages with his own approach.
  • One team was totally enchanted with the idea of the Startup Weekend. They want to set up a caf√© to be a constant 24/7 startup weekend. We talk to Eldar. Also members of the team are Pavlos, Adam, Nazim, Chris, Remi, Maren, Florian and Thorsten.

At the first startup weekend in Frankfurt, a team developed the idea what is today https://bettervest.de/. This is a platform which enables energy efficiency projects via crowdfunding. So we will continue to follow the teams and members of the projects and let you know what they are up to.