We have been at the CODE_n new.New festival in Karlsruhe, in the south of Germany. From there we bring you four short interviews in English, within this audio file:

  • We a talk to Jessica from everledger, an application of the blockchain in the diamond industry. During the interview we talk about:
  • We talk to Alex, co-founder of Urban Alps, who produce a high security stealth key via 3d printing. The important part is that all relevant parts are inside the key and therefore the key cannot easily be copied e.g. via a 3d printer, as with other keys.
  • We talk to Erez CEO and founder of CRiskCo, a company which helps to evaluate credit risk for small and medium enterprises, as a SaaS. His software uses an artificial intelligence to assist his clients and also to get even better over time.
  • We talk to Frederik and Flemming from FaunaPhotonics who work with remote sensing products in agriculture and malaria control, utilizing lasers. Their solution will be able to count insects in real time.