The Brexit is getting closer and the negotiations are not looking to go smooth, for any side. We, therefore, think it is time to post our first “picture” of London pre-Brexit.

We did take the trip with our friends from the Emporion Creative Agency (one of the partners, who is also the founder of and Fintech Headquarter. We took the trip during blockchain week London to talk to startups, investors, and service providers. We wanted to ask how Frankfurt is seen in London as a startup hub, as well as the idea of You can learn more about and their idea in this interview here, or just tune in.

We are grateful to the Business Development Agency Offenbach, who funded this trip. Thank you!

Before take-off in Hahn (5.28 am)

Arrived in London. Always tired, but we still had fun during Blockchain Week in January 2017 in London