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Julian is just 22 years old but has already undergone neurosurgery to cure him of epilepsy. Unfortunately, this leaves patients like him frequently with memory problems. His startup Living Brain ( aims to help patients to rehabilitate, using virtual reality.

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The Accelerator program in Darmstadt, Germany

The Merck Accelerator program in Darmstadt, Germany supports early-stage companies that are focused on the fields of healthcare, life science, performance materials, and additional search fields, such as bio-interfaces and sensors, enablers of precision farming, 3D printing, future organic chemistry, microbiome research, and smart site management. The program focuses primarily on digital business models. Selected companies will receive office space at the new Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt, as well as mentoring and in-depth coaching from a network comprising over 50,000 experts from 67 countries. Additionally, they will receive financial support of up to € 50,000. Oculyze, Living Brain, and MedicSen are three of the seven current participants of the program.

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