This time we bring you two interviews with Entrepreneurs we met at the Euro Finance Tech event, which took place on 19 November in Frankfurt / Germany:

Thomas Ackermann of Blockchain Industries from Berlin is out to change the computing behind the Blockchain and therefore Internet of Things. His company in turn is in the process of building a 4 times more powerful supercomputer than the fastest one today. They want to offer their computing power in the cloud and look for Venture Capital Funding.

We talk to Ben Bilski from Naga Group, who is a new FinTech incubator, in operations for 4 months now. They now have a location in Frankfurt and there want to grow within 18 months their first FinTech unicorn. They are open to be contacted many ways and look only for FinTech ideas in B2C space who are scalable to billions in revenues. They have the founders of Varengold Bank, CMC Markets and Ben himself former e-commerce entrepreneur with Angelplatz.