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In this interview, Joe is talking to Alexander Lange –  Co-Founder and Head of Software Engineering ( at Darmstadt based deep tech startup Xelera Technologies  ( He has been with the German Aerospace Center and the European Space Agency.


The Startup

Xelera Technologies offers specialized software for FPGA processing, which accelerates cloud computing considerably for certain tasks. Xelera already won two awards from the German federal ministry of economics and energy (including digital startup of the year 2019) The startup has also been named a “Top 50 Startup” by German Blog Für-Gründer (


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Deep Tech Podcast

If you are interested in German deeptech startups, you can find our audio-only podcast “Deeptech Germany by” here:




Venture Capital Round

Xelera is currently raising its seed round in Q2 2020. If you are interested in investing, reach out to us, we will get you connected.


Further Reading

Formerly with DLR (German Aerospace Center)





FPGA coding


Find the video here: