Startup News Germany February 2018

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This is a syndicated recording, for our media partners. This time we would like to mention Gruendermetropole Berlin a Berlin-based startup blog with a special place in their heart for accelerators and food startups.

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Our media partners went wild 🙂

  • We started our media partnership with Arctic Startup with our interview of Maria from Accelerator Frankfurt. A new interview with the independent accelerator Frankfurt program. Your way to enter Germany and a proven go to market approach. Learn more on our YouTube channel
  • did feature us as the headline story on January 24th with our interview of Get Penta.
  • We started a new media cooperation with GrĂĽndermetropole (a German blog focused on the Berlin startup scene).

Analytics company ranks as one of the top 0.1% social media influencers on startups globally



Gruenderszene blog calculates that only 41% of #ICOs have been successful (still alive with a product that is) and those failed projects raised 104 mn US$, further 129 mn US$ worth of projects are potentially failing, they continue.

NGIN Mobility warns of a #VC bubble in the valuation of #mobility startups

There is sooo much talk about e-commerce startups like Zalando and other Rocket Internet clones. Now comes and calculates Amazon to have market share of whopping 53%





Exit:, the Frankfurt-based chat app, is sold to the market leader in beauty writes Rhein-Main Startups. Poltergeist has more than half a million registered users and clients like Apple and Nike

Rent24 – a competitor of WeWork and the like – just opened it’s first coworking location in a tower in Frankfurt

Pando.Ventures selected by AlphaGamma as one of the best Accelerator programs in Europe

Plug and Play‏, the largest global innovation platform, partners with TechQuartier, the one-stop startup hub in the heart of #Frankfurt to run its accelerator program focused on #fintech

Frankfurt-based online bank INGDiba (German arm of ING) buys Rocket Internet’s P2P SME lending platform Lendico writes exclusively. This is the first fintech acquisition of a large Germany based bank

Deutsche Startups has a more critical view of this – They quote ARD – ING only buys software it does not have and is not taking on the risk of its own software development. Lendico on the other hand never took off. What is your take?

Frankfurt invests up to 20 mn Euro to become one of Europe’s top 5 startup hubs till 2023 reports Gruenderszene We hope this money is spent wisely. We will see what Frankfurt achieves with the money. Cities like Hamburg have started their own 100 mn Venture Capital Fund and still did not make it far in the international rankings.

Adding to that: We know from our sources that critical voices from the first round of discussions have not been invited back to the second round of the “master plan.” This does not include – We have been completely excluded from the whole process.

Mainz-based startup Thesius – the No1 platform for academic research in the German-speaking area – is sold to persona service group | Rhein-Main Startups

Today Oliver Naegele announced at the crypto assets conference of Frankfurt School that they will do an ICO: “Exciting news @Crypto_CAC @frankfurtschool! @olivernaegele: “Generation ICO is coming.” Stay curious about our upcoming #ICO & follow us on Twitter.” We will keep you up to date.



Berlin-based software startup Bookingkit raises “mid million range” (4-7 mn Euros we assume) Venture Capital in a Series B The company offers service for small travel agencies focussing on events.

Twitter invested 70 mn US$ in Berlin-based startup SoundCloud. Gruenderszene took a look at their annual report, which shows Twitter had to write off almost 67 mn of that – No good news for SoundCloud

Not a Black Friday, but a grey Friday for startups in Berlin – February 23rd

  • Friday was a bad day for startups in #Berlin. Not only did Move24 file for insolvency, but also design furniture platform Monoqi reports exclusively
  • Move24 appears to have lost the race against Movinga. Move24 has to file for insolvency – Both startups have been in strong competition and involved in lawsuits. Both offer a platform to move your house | GrĂĽnderszene

General Atlantic buys 25.1% of the digital subsidiary of German media house Pro7Sat1 called NuCom Group – The basis of this deal is a valuation of 1.8 bn Euros for NuCom writes

Berlin-based IoT startup Relayr raised 30 mn Euro Venture Capital from US fund Kleiner-Perkins and German TMT giant Telekom writes Gruenderszene

Manager Magazin writes Oliver Samwer, the brain behind Rocket Internet should also be one of the largest investors in the Iranian startup scene … secretly. They write his first investment was Iran Internet Group in summer 2014

REWE, the German grocery giant raised a mind-blowing one billion Euros in bonded loans to fund its digital transformation writes NGIN Food

The folks from put together a list of 15 startups, who are all Hidden Champions in their respective field. Have a look if you know even one of them!

Top 3 of payment methods per European country – Europe is pretty much dominated by PayPal Visa and MasterCard – Sofortueberweisung makes No3 in Germany

Munich based brewery Giesinger Brauerei raised 1.2 mn in crowdfunding. The investors will be paid back in beer vouchers | NGIN Food

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio invests in art app Magnus. Magnus is like Shazam for art reports

This Berlin-based startup claims to be better in detecting dermal cancer than doctors writes Gruenderszene

SolarisBank generates losses in the first business year of 7.6 mn Euros. Gruenderszene also notes that a valuation of 100 mn Euros can be deduced for the 26,3 mn #VentureCapital investment in 2017

Events / Competitions

We are a media partner of May 25th in Berlin. Get your ticket now on your way to hunt for a startup job.

We will also be a media partner of the Arctic15, the startup event of arctic startups in Helsinki on May 30th to 31st for artic and Baltic startups “Real Return on Investment – Arctic15”

The Accelerator Frankfurt, an independent accelerator program, has opened its application for the next batch. They will start on March 12th. In the past many international companies from countries like Korea, Finland and Israel have been in the 4-month program to look in the German market and get their business started in lovely Frankfurt.

Frankfurt-based fair Light and Building offer spots for startups. Learn here how to apply or directly here:


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