Chris and Joe talk about the reviews of the startup year 2017 they have found and the forecasts for 2018 they find noteworthy.

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2017 in Review

2017 Review: These Cities Are Leading the World in ICO Activity  
San Francisco
New York
Los Angeles

 A record-setting year: 2017 VC activity in 3 charts | PitchBook News

2017 Reviews

The top ideas of 2017 from the analysts of pitchbook.

German government gets a “FAILED” rating for their efforts for startups in 2017 writes Gruenderszene in their 2017 review – 82% of German startups need to bootstrap and experts mostly come up with minor examples for regulatory improvements, like “Scale”, a new segment at the stock exchange, aiming at young and fast-growing companies.

German startup portal Gruenderszene has 12 important exits from the German startup scene marked as important. Lead by 270 mn US$ exit of Goodgame Studios from Hamburg, sold to the Swedish company Stillfront. Or Math42, an app, sold to US-company Chegg for around 20 million.

The State of B2B Germany Tech in 2017  “Germany dominates in fields such as cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality.” | G2 Crowd

2017 – What was new in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt increases gravity for fintechs writes “Der Bank Blog.” The city has seen an almost 30% growth in the number of fintechs headquartered there, they also raised 25 mn Euros Venture Capital since 2016 – which puts them in third place in this Fintech-ranking

ICO made in Frankfurt, the fintech savedroid is working on its ICO, which they announced on in December. Watch it here:

One of the main developers of Ethereum is headquartered in Rhine-Main with the Mainz based company brainbot, who also made a token sales in 2017 “The Raiden Network Token (RDN) Launch

Germany your “valleys”: Germany has many diverse startup hubs – crossing city and state borders – Frankfurt Rhein-Main area especially strong in fintech

2017 in Startup Trends – Hot Topic of the Year: Blockchain

Nick Szabo, the father of smart contracts – History of the Blockchain

Identifying Leading Blockchain Startups on a Worldwide Level

What Is Ethereum?

ICOs – A vizualization of all ICOs

Deutsche Bank calls Bitcoin top Risk factor for 2018 | BTC-ECHO

2017 in Startup Trends – E-Mobility and Autonomous Driving

Emobility is important for the future of Germany. It, unfortunately, took a CCC member only 2 minutes to hack an electro charging station writes NGIN Mobility 

Former BMW, Deutsche Bank, and Faraday Future managers get together in Germany to build a self-driving city car reports NGIN Mobility exclusively. The company is called Evelozcity

BMW invests in battery company that could lead to more range and faster charging

VW invests in BeBerlin-basedargo-E-Bike writes NGIN Mobility. The ebike is a mix of a bicycle and a delivery car. The seed financing comes from a joint company, owned by VW and the city of Wolfsburg (HQ of VW is located here)

2017 in Startup Trends – Bikesharing companies

Limebike starts offering it’s bikes in Frankfurt, starting this month reports Journal Frankfurt. Welcome to Frankfurt guys!


Merck Accelerator program, as one example of the corporate accelerator landscape (Sponsored by Merck). Here is the playlist.


Outlook 2018

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