Startup News June 2018

/Startup News June 2018

Startup News June 2018

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House Keeping

Many more interviews on YouTube!

On our YouTube page you can find more interviews from the Merck Accelerator, as well as from our New York trip! There is enough material for at least two more weeks!


This is the last news recording, till “September ends”. We will all enjoy our summer and Joe will spend many hours during summer and catch up on the editing backlog. You will get at least two more audio interviews on our website and audio podcast, as well as several video interviews on our Youtube channel.  

Since the last news recording we published:


  • Upcoming – to be published before this podcast comes online – the world premiere of the Coin Analyst ICO “Coin Analyst wants to be the Bloomberg of the Crypto-Space and just started it’s ICO – YouTube”  
  • Munditech helps Hospitals to Fight Dangerous Bacteria – YouTube
  • We talked to some of the winners of the “Golden Garage”, Germany’s investor side fintech award:
  • We also published more interviews from our New York Trip
    GuideVine is like to find financial advisors – YouTube
  • We have even been doing a live stream for you guys, from the demo day of Accelerator Frankfurt. We promise to get better with the audio, as well as with the video:


We had two inspiring interviews with Vishal Rai, the Indian-born entrepreneur, who is the co-founder of Frankfurt-based AI startup Acellere, which offers a tool called Gamma. And Gamma is the auto correct for coding.    

We talk with Vishal about the state of the digital entrepreneurship in Germany in part 1:

And we talk to him about coding and the need for better code in part 2:

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