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Many more interviews on YouTube!

On our YouTube page www.youtube.com/startupradio you can find more interviews from the Merck Accelerator, as well as from our New York trip! There is enough material for at least two more weeks!


This is the last news recording, till “September ends”. We will all enjoy our summer and Joe will spend many hours during summer and catch up on the editing backlog. You will get at least two more audio interviews on our website and audio podcast, as well as several video interviews on our Youtube channel.  

Since the last news recording we published:


  • Upcoming – to be published before this podcast comes online – the world premiere of the Coin Analyst ICO “Coin Analyst wants to be the Bloomberg of the Crypto-Space and just started it’s ICO – YouTube http://ow.ly/UXub30kIZHQ”  
  • Munditech helps Hospitals to Fight Dangerous Bacteria – YouTube http://ow.ly/3Mf930kyVaZ
  • We talked to some of the winners of the “Golden Garage”, Germany’s investor side fintech award: https://youtu.be/KgRzjIi-Kr0
  • We also published more interviews from our New York Trip
    GuideVine is like Match.com to find financial advisors – YouTube http://ow.ly/IPqb30kI2ve
  • We have even been doing a live stream for you guys, from the demo day of Accelerator Frankfurt. We promise to get better with the audio, as well as with the video: https://youtu.be/H6CX-pvKci8


We had two inspiring interviews with Vishal Rai, the Indian-born entrepreneur, who is the co-founder of Frankfurt-based AI startup Acellere, which offers a tool called Gamma. And Gamma is the auto correct for coding.    

We talk with Vishal about the state of the digital entrepreneurship in Germany in part 1: https://youtu.be/IsCOnPJBNpE

And we talk to him about coding and the need for better code in part 2: https://youtu.be/NSjIjlOPi9w



Clark.de (the local startup champion and insurtech heavyweight) talked to the capital market newspaper “Börsenzeitung” and told them, they had to see more than 200 investors, to close their most recent investment round, but now, no German investor is on board there. https://twitter.com/startuprad_io/status/1009808259027558401


Is the copycat mentality, which made so many startups big in Germany, finally coming to an end?

Insurance Startup Lemonade Sues European Counterpart for Copyright Infringement http://ow.ly/znLH30kzYAB

Here is the document https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CXD5eoFeB-K61v3nod0j-RZkccb0bQS/view  


“Rocket Internet-style e-commerce ventures are out, science- and manufacturing-led firms are in” The Economist: A new breed of German startups – Taking off  http://ow.ly/OFj030kzZ7V


Bitcoin has taken more heat since last news

  • Bitcoin’s Price Was Artificially Inflated Last Year, Researchers Say – The New York Times
    “A concentrated campaign of price manipulation may have accounted for at least half of the increase in the price of Bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies last year”
    https://buff.ly/2t0ezZZ https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3195066
  • Bitcoin’s Collapse Accelerates, Falls to Lowest Since February – Bloomberg
    • Digital token has declined more than $1,000 in two days
    • Trading venues coming under increased scrutiny worldwide
    • http://ow.ly/kfmQ30ktOaf



Silicon Valley Bank opened its branch in Germany, of course in Frankfurt with Deutsche Alumna https://buff.ly/2KtZg2h


The 10 hottest fintechs in Germany. To the list made it the Frankfurt-based insurtech Clark and microsavings app Savedroid, which recently completed its ICO – Horizont.net http://ow.ly/NuK830kvL0Q


10 fitness startups to keep an eye on in the years to come | EU-Startups


including Antelope Club from Frankfurt, where we had the world premiere in 2016: https://buff.ly/2sWphAx


– Home24-CEO Marc Appelhoff is happy with the IPO at Frankfurt Stock Exchange | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/l5Kq30kxQi6


Startup Guide will produce a guide for Frankfurt – Joern is an advisor. Look for the Guide towards December



First Momentum Ventures: Students at KIT Karlsruhe set up VC fund for Tech Startups | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/jX4j30kxR6h

“As of 2018, six Nobel laureates are affiliated with KIT. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is well known for many inventors and entrepreneurs who studied or taught there, including Heinrich Hertz (who proved the existence of electromagnetic waves – paving the way for radios and ultimately for cell phones, WiFi … ), Karl Friedrich Benz (who invented the automobile) and the founders of SAP


Cologne-based startup Silexica accelerates complex calculations for autonomous driving. Now they raised 18 mn Euro venture capital to further develop their solution. The lead investor is EQT Ventures from Stockholm, Sweden http://ow.ly/vImH30kCjqV



Meet the Dortmund based startup fleetbird. It is the core of the sharing economy in Germany, with its SaaS sharing platform. It enables 15.000 rides a day in 25 cities around the globe http://ow.ly/iETz30ktOIT



Munich-based startup Celonis raises 50 mn USD venture capital from investors like Accel and 83NorthVC, with a valuation beyond 1 bn $US. Not bad for a startup, which had to bootstrap for 5 years http://ow.ly/tgJS30kGzGA  

related https://www.gruenderszene.de/technologie/meilensteine-celonis



#Corporate investments in the German startup scene

  • Porsche invests in Croatia based super sports car producer Rimac, now owning 10%. The tech of Rimac should help to produce electronic sportscars http://ow.ly/SWmE30kCjQT
  • Used car marketplaces are booming in Germany. Now Allianz invests 11.5 mn Euros venture capital in Munich based Abracar http://ow.ly/PHRa30kCm7z
  • The VC arm of German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, called DB Digital Ventures invests in two US-Startups reports t3n, in GoKid and Ridecell http://ow.ly/wZi030kxSar
    • Other Investments include Clevershuttle, What3words, Talixo and Berlin-based innovation platform beyond 1435
  • Finanz-Szene sheds some lights on the Lendico ING transaction, where the bank bought the fintech. According to FZ calculations, Rocket Internet burned almost 27 mn Euros with the startup. ING may have made a bargain in the transaction they conclude http://ow.ly/9puq30kClNZ
  • ING Ventures invests in Berlin-based fintech FinCompare, as part of a series A financing round http://ow.ly/l9BL30kkgSK
  • HR Group (owning ~30 hotels around Berlin) invest in food delivery service Kukimi. The reasoning is simple since HR Group also owns shares in drink delivery service Trinkkiste (think bundling) – deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/Nl7H30kpcmp #VentureCapital #Berlin


deutsche-startups.de compiled a pretty good list of #VentureCapital investments from Picus Capital. Picus is backed in part by the youngest of the Samwer brothers of Rocket Internet http://ow.ly/1Sat30kpcQt


#Venture capital raised

  • Blinkist raises $18.8M for its condensed reading platform for non-fiction books | TechCrunch http://ow.ly/f3fW30kHHS7 // Investors of this series C investment include Insight partners e.ventures and IBB http://ow.ly/Xcwq30kCkhv
  • Investors like Valar Ventures, Peter Thiel, eVentures and La Famiglia, as well as Business Angels, invest in insurtech Coya 29.6 mn US$ #VentureCapital. Interesting fact: Coya is not started yet http://ow.ly/h1PM30kqwUm
  • Berlin-based Caroobi secures $20 million to fuel its international expansion – Tech.eu https://buff.ly/2M4WoKy #fuel #startups #VentureCapital


#2016 startup numbers

due to a German obligation to publish numbers for companies, many large, but unlisted startups have to publish their PnL, as well as their balance sheet. Since they are not listed, they only have to publish those number now. We found some …  

  • Lesara – We keep track of their “number salad” https://www.deutsche-startups.de/2018/06/21/lesara-zahlensalat-pur-rohertrag-nur-247-millionen/
    * Revenues raised from 17,734 mn Euros to 24.7 mn ⇒ 254 % growth.
    * 80% of their revenue is still fashion textiles and accessories, Germany makes up 44% of this revenue (50% in 2015)
    * Headcount went from 104 to 169
  • Helpling, the Rocket Internet-backed platform for services and cleaning, published its balance sheet for 2016. They are still making losses (3.6 mn Euros for 2016), but this is better than 2015 -10.4 mn Euros. They also axed almost 50% of their workforce during this time http://ow.ly/C8g630kClap
  • Rocket Internet’s Airbnb clone Wimdu: 60 mn Euros losses since inception, but it is getting better (2016 -3 mn, 2015 -11.2 mn Euros) https://buff.ly/2lxbdtc
  • Researchgate’s investors include Bill Gates, Tenaya Capital, and Benchmark. Their loss in 2016 surged by 73,3 % – to 10,7 mn Euros writes deutsche-startups.de. The losses total more than 34 mn since inception https://buff.ly/2t4uiGv
  • Munich based Tado, the competitor of Google’s Nest – Revenue came in lower with 2.7 mn (3.7 mn 2015), the losses increased – which was to be expected, they raised  20 mn – from 6.3 mn in 2015 to 11.3 mn in 2016. Their warranty costs exploded since they started to work with Apple’s Homekit, but they got the certificate later and had to fix their products, which have been sold before they go the certificate.  .https://www.gruenderszene.de/technologie/tado-zahlen-geschaeftsbericht


#Github Deal

Why Microsoft Is Willing to Pay So Much for GitHub http://ow.ly/R1Jg30kqwC2


Once again @t3n  is a sharp observer. They conclude from #Gitlab data that on Sunday afternoon alone several thousand projects have been moved away from Github to Gitlab.



‘Joe’s find:

Time for some inspiration? Look at Margarete Steiff. She passed away almost 110 years ago, suffered from polio and was a woman at a time entrepreneurship was just for men. Nonetheless, she invented the #teddybear and build a company that still exists today. http://ow.ly/RMBi30kts6v


Christian’s find:

The World’s Most Ruthless Food Startup: The Inside Story of How HelloFresh Clawed Its Way to the Top

“In reality, HelloFresh’s history is far more complicated than his just-add-data-and-stir formula. It involves hundreds of millions of venture capital dollars, aggressive marketing tactics, health department complaints, threats of violence, hard drugs, dumb money, and, at its center, founders who have been so relentlessly focused on growth, they’ve barely stopped to consider what happens when they actually win.”



Stay ahead of the curve

“E-commerce giant Amazon is massively destroying returned items and new products. And through Amazon, external vendors also get rid of their unsold goods. All kinds of products are destroyed in German logistics warehouses on a large scale” https://buff.ly/2JwJCmp

That Costs HOW Much?

Beyond the attributes of the product itself, the price is probably the leading determinant of success in the marketplace. What does it take to get the price right?


16+ Terms Entrepreneurs Should Know for Navigating the Healthcare Industry – Andreessen Horowitz http://ow.ly/woWE30kGDU3

Why Blockchain Isn’t a Revolution – Knowledge@Wharton https://buff.ly/2ypIAHK