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An article by our friends Joe and Paul from Rhein-Main Startups on the Frankfurt Startup Eco System

Eco System

TWINO and KPMG report shows growth in Europe’s alternative lending

  • Top of the list with the highest potential are countries like Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Greece, and Ireland. releases European Tech Funding and Exits Report for Q1 2017

  • European and Israeli startups completed 869 funding rounds in Q1 2017, totaling €4.5 billion.
  • Compared to Q4 2016, there was a 3% drop in the number of deals and a 17.2% increase in investment volume. ⇒ The single deals got bigger

Silicon Valley is no longer #1 for talent says huge global startup report  

  • There was a ranking with the dimensions Performance, funding, market research, talent and startup experience. It appears all of them are only partially based on hard data and more on perception. Anyways, we have a look
  • Silicon Valley is still ranked No 1 overall
  • in Talent Singapore makes No 1
  • London and Berlin make the top 10
  • Paris, and Amsterdam make top 20


Germany legalizes self-driving car tests

Here is some background to that

  • It is not so much in the English news, but German car companies are testing for years self-driving cars already in Germany. Till now globally California had a law to permit this on normal streets. Only specially permitted streets, roads and autobahns have been opened for the tests in Germany. This has changed with it.
  • In an audio interview with HR Info (public talk radio in Germany) an expert expressed his opinion that all of the assistance systems, high-end German cars like Audi, Mercedes or BMW have integrated can do the same as the autopilot of Tesla. It is just marked differently.


Amazonfresh is about to start in Germany and got the first reactions from brick and mortar retailers writes t3n: Panicking retailers in Germany threaten suppliers with delisting if they cooperate with Amazon Fresh


London startups lag behind Berlin, Paris & Dublin post-Brexit vote Brexit writes a UK based simulation. They cite for example a 13% drop in the number of startups.



Frankfurt / Rhein Main

German fintech startup Fastbill secures funding to help small businesses with financial management – Mario, the CTO of the company is known to some of our listeners from interviews, he is also the man behind startup weekends and the regular founders table in Frankfurt

Shortly after this the company was target of a DDos attack, which was ultimately not successful


Frankfurt based Creathor Ventures is investing a deep tech company from Sweden. Adaptive Simulations offers cloud-based, fully automated Simulations.

Second round of financing: Creditreform  (a large German credit bureau) invested in Mainz-based big data and AI startup DATAlovers

As every year in spring the Frankfurt Entrepreneur Award is handed out.

  • This time a logistics startup Cargosteps, won No1. Cargosteps offers a platform for empty freight room for logistics companies and parcel services.
  • No2 Freiscript offers free of charge scripts (similar to the syllabus in US colleges) to the students by integrating advertisements in them.
  • No 3 made the Wolf-Zentrum, a startup which wants to bring cutting edge education tools and methods to classrooms.



Even in the remote areas of Germany, there is something going on!


Follow-up on earlier news wrap-ups, since we promised you to keep you up to date:

  • Remains of former Berlin-based IPO candidate, now insolvent Auctionata are taken over by a brick and mortar auction house. This seems pretty much to be the end of the startup as we knew it
  • Protonet, the provider for private clouds and former crowdfunding start is about to be taken over, out of insolvency protection


Start of May Amazon Fresh started in Germany (Berlin and Potsdam only)

Former crowdfunding star Panono is filing for insolvency. Originally they intended to offer a 360 degree campera

LIQID the Munich-based Robo Advisor, backed by the Quant Family (who owns a majority of the shares of BMW and other companies) has reached the threshold of more than 100 mn Euro Assets under Management

Hamburg-based fintech Kreditech raised €110 million to expand credit in emerging markets, which they hand out there as a credit

Berlin-based dating platform eDarling merges with US based and listed Christian Mingle parent

Login problems at Berlin-based fintech N26

  • It appears N26 is in the process of learning that running a bank is no simple feat. They received a license last year and there have been lately a lot of reported IT problems e.g. one could see the account of another person

Telefónica acquires Berlin-based analytics startup Minodes

Germany’s Duolingo competitor Berlin-based Babbel sets its sights on the US – Babble being called Berlin’s quiet success story. A big difference between Duolingo and Babble is that Babble is a paid service.

Move24 in the news:

  • Berlin-based moving startup Move24 raised $14.3 million
  • Copycat process: Move24 lost a copycat lawsuit against Movinga
    • The fight of the companies is going on since summer 2015 and we have reported about it before.
    • First, there was Movago, sued by Movinga to change its name to avoid confusion. Movago lost and as a consequence is now Move24. You can be as sure as we are, this is not a base for a great friendship.  

Government VC High-Tech Gründerfonds: raises 245 mn Euros for a new fund to be invested in high-tech startups in Germany

Rocket Internet Corner

  • Rocket keeps investing in Marly Spoon. This is interesting since Marly is a competitor of its own Hello Fresh
  • Rocket Internet published its Q1 2017 results, which showed it is still making losses, but narrowed these losses on EBITA to 20 mn Euros (from 100 mn formerly)
  • Also, some of the startups are not pushing ahead as one wanted: The growth of furniture platform Home24 (+5,2%) and the home/furniture shopping club Westwing (+6,2%) appear to have been below expectations, on the other hand, both companies also narrowed their losses. It may be a sign they are about to turn a corner to profitability
  • Gründerszene compiled a list of startups, for which Rocket had to lower its valuation in 2016
    • The portal for apartment search Nestpick, was almost closed after the start. The management had to leave and Rocket had to write down 8,5 mn Euros of Netspick’s share value.
    • Lendico (crowdlending platform) -16.6 mn Euros
    • After merging its credit marketplace for SMEs “Zencap” with UK competitor Funding Circle, rocket had to write down the shares it owns in FC from 24.4 mn Euros to 9.2 mn Euros
    • Taxi hailing app Easytaxi (founded in Rio De Janeiro) took a valuation hit of 17 mn Euros
    • Global Fashion Group (composed of a few Rocket companies in the fashion space) blew the lid by taking a valuation hit of more than 330 mn Euros (370 mn US$, 287 mn GBP, 500 mn CAD$ or Aussie $ )
    • There are even more listed in the article …

Joern’s find

The Surest Sign You’re Winning is When Goliath Takes a Swing at You meaning. If established companies are attacking you straight, you are on the right path.  

Whenever you meet difficult situations dash forward bravely and joyfully.
– Tsunetomo Yamamoto, Hagakure”


Competitions and events

Event the German army Bundeswehr is now searching for startups. They are open to cooperation with startups and the initiative was reportedly started by successful entrepreneurs who are officers of the reserve

innogy and GTEC are starting the IPRIZE Machine Economy Innovators Award  

  • The IPRIZE is an international competition to find the most visionary ideas of the machine economy
  • IPRIZE, the ‘Machine Economy Innovators Award’, is about the implications and opportunities of the machine economy on society, business, and culture
  • Application period has started and ends July 28 2017
  • The award ceremony will take place on September 28 in Berlin

September 27th and 28th there will the first startup safari taking place in Frankfurt. We are media partners of course. The Safari will visit startups in 4 cities (including Frankfurt and my city of birth Mainz) in the Rhein-Main area


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