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All recordings from the content shift finalists are online on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/startupradio. There is a direct link here

On YouTube, you will also find our sponsored interviews with the startups from the Merck Accelerator.


We did not make it into the finalists for the Benzinga Fintech Awards. Thank you for the great support, you guys rock! Nonetheless, we are there in person to interview some of the finalists, for you guys in New York! Look forward to the interviews AND we are going to do some additional recordings in New York as well!


There will be another startup news recording for the may and june news and then you will hear from us again “When September ends”….




We already talked about AI in retail in our March news (http://ow.ly/YVcf30jkh5T ), now CB Insights picks it up here: Retail’s Adapt-Or-Die Moment: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Commerce http://ow.ly/ojf130jkh30 we, therefore, think this is a global thing and will keep track of it for you guys.



Carsten Maschmeyer is a billionaire, entrepreneur and business angel. But his startup show “Start up” was canceled by the TV station Sat1 due to lack of viewers writes deutsche-startups.de https://buff.ly/2JGb1CA






We have two startups from Frankfurt / Rhein-Main who made headlines this month, both on a global scale.


Fist one was Savedroid, who pretended to be an ICO Scam for 24 hours just to draw attention to their ICO advisory business, which they wanted to launch with this PR stunt. So far we can say it fired back. They have been getting a beating in the national and international press, including CEO Yassin Hankir, who received multiple death threats.  

You remember savedroid, Yassin and the ICO from the video interview we had shortly before Christmas last year: https://youtu.be/oEfX6knd-1o

Here are some of the links to the national and international press coverage:



We have yet to see a positive coverage of the stunt and I personally wrote Yassin, that I am sure he will get fewer invites to parties this year.

Yassin’s direkt statement: https://youtu.be/o5_bwFf_byo


The second one, Clark broke a record!

Clark breaks European insurtech financing record with US$29M Series B round write our friends from Rhein-Main Startups https://buff.ly/2I0ciUS

Related: Frankfurt’s local insurtech champion Clark gets largest public insurer in Germany to use its solution in White Labeling



Darmstadt (Rhein-Main) based startup Tec4Med raises “seven digits,” #VentureCapital for its medical cooling boxes, which are targeted for medical and pharma companies writes deutsche-startups.de https://buff.ly/2HJcvyT


Germany’s 2nd largest bank Commerzbank holds shares in more fintechs than the other top 10 combined reports the blog Finanzsene https://buff.ly/2HDZDKp this should not surprise anyone. Commerzbank was with its Main Incubator the pioneer of the large German banks to invest in fintechs.


Former CEO of Main incubator Christian Hoppe will be the CEO of the Frankfurt branch of the Silicon Valley Bank, which just announced plans to launch in Frankfurt, Germany https://buff.ly/2KyFvXD

“Founded in the early 1980s, as Silicon Valley was morphing into a mecca of high-tech, SVB now claims a 25 percent market share for lending and finance to California tech industries.”


RoboAdvisor Ginmon starts cooperation with Stuttgart Stock Exchange https://buff.ly/2pH7Mlf  

Related: Ginmon leaves in the opinion of special interest blog Finanz-Szene.de questions open. They announced a soon to be closed Venture Capital round – Self proclaimed the largest in Germany – but it appears to have never been realized.  http://finanz-szene.de/exklusiv-der-fall-ginmon-oder-was-aus-dem-groessten-deutschen-robo-funding-wurde/

The startup of Kim, our Co-Host – Inga enables applications in 3 minutes! deutsche-startups.de https://buff.ly/2Hzay4N

RheinMain based Boehringer Offers €1Bn for New Checkpoint Inhibitor from OSE Immuno https://buff.ly/2qcJxLR  



Kreditech, new CEO and one of the top managers leaves https://www.gruenderszene.de/fintech/kreditech-vorstandswechsel?ref=nl_b



The city of Aachen wants to invest 20 mn Euros Venture Capital in their local startup ecosystem reports deutsche-startups.de. Aachen is known for being home to one of Germany’s best technical universities http://ow.ly/4Anq30jtC4v



The unusual Spotify IPO: Spotify’s NYSE debut reignites the debate over Wall Street’s IPO machine http://ow.ly/zpmV30jicQJ


Daimler, BMW to Merge Car-Sharing, Other Digital Services https://buff.ly/2GjE90r

Million-acqui-hire-deal: brick and mortar perfume shop Douglas buys online competitor Parfum Dreams writes deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/B81d30jItMU

Still no fintech unicorn in Germany and some investors did not like the valuation of N26 or Number26, the Berlin-based fintech. Deutsche-Startups.de writes about the valuation of N26 of approx. 750 mn US$. It appears the valuation was too high for some investors and they dropped out http://ow.ly/myHL30jkhgF


Rocket Internet

  • Home24, Rocket Internet’s IPO candidate, grows and keeps making losses. The furniture store generated 84.5 mn Euro revenue in Q1 ’18 (+30%), with losses of 5.1 mn Euros. The Q1 2017 loss was 7.2 mn Euros, so they are improving | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/ZhT930jPqyM
  • HelloFresh is now bigger than Blue Apron in the U.S. https://buff.ly/2GbIXcq
  • Rocket Internet has a declining headcount from 2014 (1.586 employees) more than 1.000 people have left to 2017, where they had only 559 employees found deutsche-startups.de in their annual reports http://ow.ly/l5AW30jIwrn
  • Rocket Internet pulls the plug on two of its startups.  Bandist (marketplace for music instruments) and Carspring (used car platform) are history – deutsche-startups.de https://buff.ly/2JJAk75 $RKET
  • Rocket Internet has invested in 135 but barely any of them break even writes Handelsblatt https://buff.ly/2vGObIh #Rocketinternet #berlin #startups


German Startups Group announced the intention to raise a #passive #VentureCapital fund, which aims to invest in #Germany’s 50 most valuable startups. The fund will be called G|S Tech50 https://buff.ly/2qpjW2F


Berlin-based startup Parity has 500.000 Ethereum coins frozen. Now the rescue code change was declined by the community. Therefore almost 280 mn Euros in Ether are now lost writes Gründerszene https://buff.ly/2r6mK57


Berlin-based hotel startup DreamCheaper had to file for insolvency in January. Now a not yet named US-based investor is taking over the company reports Gruenderszene exclusively https://buff.ly/2K7SU8U


Munich based sensor startup Konux raises 20 mn Euro Venture Capital – deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/HrtN30jDGuH


We talked about ProSiebenSat.1 Media a lot since the German TV giant is very active in the startup space now @business  writes “German TV Giant Wants to Buy Online Retailers Abroad” http://ow.ly/2cxW30jrbSN  


Berlin-based #Adobe challenger #Gravit will be liquidated. Over and out. We are sorry to hear that! http://ow.ly/EJEp30jDFXa


Finanzcheck.de, is the first German fintech to open a brick and mortar branch reports Finanz-Szene.de exclusively https://buff.ly/2ILrqo9


Auto1, the Berlin-based unicorn, generated 2017 2.2 bn Euros revenue writes NGIN Mobilty – The company remains silent on profits or losses http://ow.ly/xOvO30jkhtR


Deutsche-Startups.de writes – based on another article by Manager Magazin – the Berlin-based startup Lesara has cooked its books http://ow.ly/9EhM30jkhH8


#Exit in #Berlin the app analytics provider Appscatter buys the startup Priori Data for 15 mn Euros https://buff.ly/2qaFAsa


European bus startup FlixBus heads to the US, starting with #LA https://buff.ly/2qah5Ly


#Berlin-based #fintech savendo has brokered fixed deposit to Versobank in Estonia. Now the bank is closed for money laundry and terrorism financing. The money of savendo clients should not be in danger …. http://ow.ly/zqeM30jb4JL  


The story Movinga vs. Move24 is coming to a close — Movinga acquires bankrupt rival Move24 – AIM Group http://ow.ly/krEl30jfpI8


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We are a media partner of http://www.startupjobsfair.co/ May 25th in Berlin. Get your ticket now on your way to hunt for a startup job.

We will also be a media partner of the Arctic15, the startup event of arctic startups in Helsinki on May 30th to 31st for artic and Baltic startups “Real Return on Investment – Arctic15” http://ow.ly/QgqL30id4mt

May 15th Mentorlane, the Frankfurt-based startup will be holding a “Co-Founder Speed Dating Night”.



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