Christmas News

This recording was done on Friday the 18th of December 2015. We talk about the tech bubble, energy startups, travel, Rocket Internet and Joern’s experience with IKEA (online). Enjoy.

Show notes:

Worth a look is the IoT Startup CloudRail from the city of Mannheim

We also talk about:
In the discussion we talk about the oldest garage in the world, which you find here: Carl Benz (Inventor, Founder)

Also noteworthy in this context:

Karlheinz Brandenburg (Inventor of mp3)
Otto Lilienthal (Aviation Pioneer)
Robert Bosch (Inventor, Founder)
Werner von Siemens (Inventor, Founder)
Rudolf Diesel (Inventor)
Konrad Zuse (Inventor, build first usable computer)

A large investment was made by Goldman Sachs, Atomico, Yuri Milner (founder of Digital Sky Technologies), Tom Stafford (DST Investments Honkong), Sebastian Siemiatkowski (Klarna) and Ilkka Paananen (Supercell) totalling 45 million USD in GoEuro

It’s the biggest investment of the year for an energy storage software startup: $50M Investment in German Younicos

Of course, no startup news for now without Rocket Internet:

  • Bloomberg reports Rocket to be under pressure to cut losses amid push for startup IPOs
  • None the less it appears that Rocket holds HelloFresh in high regards, reports the blog

Accelerator news:

What is going on at The Spacelab

The Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg in looking for their second cohort now.

Leaked Financial Numbers Of 6 High-Flying Unicorn Companies

There is a tech bubble and it will burst 2016

For finance geeks: Economists Suggest Central Bank of Barbados to Hold Bitcoin in Their Reserves

We also published since the last news: and two great interviews from Euro Finance Tech

We wish you a merry x-mas and happy new year

Book Recommendation for last minute christmas shoppers: “Anything you Want” by Derek Sivers,

Know-how for those with vision:

United Internet (listed in TecDAX) now worth 10bn € reports manager magazin

HBR for all of us, explains what Disruptive Innovation is

A Brief History of the Electric Car, 1830–Present

MIT Technology Review introduces you to the most powerful person in bitcoin