We talk German startup news with Feli (@Frau_Feli).

The News:

  • Crowd-funding and peer-to-peer loans could top €7 billion across the EU in 2015… – http://ow.ly/Jvas4
  • Deutsche Börse, the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt, plans a platform for startups till summer reports the blog Deutsche-Startups.de. Deutsche Börse is trying to avoid the trouble of the infamous Neuer Markt, which boomed and busted spectacularly during the dotcom boom. Will be a platform, on which startups and investors can exchange ideas and numbers and sniff out the potential for IPOs. This is not going to be a segment of the official trading. – http://ow.ly/JujGW
  • In German property platforms, there was a merger of number 2 and number 3 Immowelt and Immonet to rival number one ImmobilienScout24.de – http://ow.ly/J3gmz
  • Rocket Internet invest $717 mn US$ in two food startups  – http://wp.me/p5hvhT-6X1H
  • Delivery Hero IPO plans – http://ow.ly/KkRWd
  • Glasses:
  • Mister Spex – http://ow.ly/KkS0n
  • MyOptique buys Netzoptiker – http://ow.ly/KkS7k
  • Brille24 cooperates with REWE http://ow.ly/KkSfn and has now a TV spot http://ow.ly/KkS4F
  • METRO and Techstars – http://ow.ly/KkSkC

Know-how for those with a vision: