Startup news from Germany – February 2015

/Startup news from Germany – February 2015

Startup news from Germany – February 2015

We talk German startup news with Feli (@Frau_Feli).

The News:

  • Crowd-funding and peer-to-peer loans could top €7 billion across the EU in 2015… –
  • Deutsche Börse, the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt, plans a platform for startups till summer reports the blog Deutsche Börse is trying to avoid the trouble of the infamous Neuer Markt, which boomed and busted spectacular during the dotcom boom. Will be a platform, on which startups and investors can exchange ideas and numbers and sniff out the potential for IPOs. This is not going to be a segment of the official trading. –
  • In German property platforms there was a merger of number 2 and number 3 Immowelt and Immonet to rival number one –
  • Rocket Internet invest $717 mn US$ in two food startups  –
  • Delivery Hero IPO plans –
  • Glasses:
  • Mister Spex –
  • MyOptique buys Netzoptiker –
  • Brille24 cooperates with REWE and has now a TV spot
  • METRO and Techstars –

Know-how for those with vision:

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