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Our German Channel was once again named No1 podcast for entrepreneurs in Germany http://t3n.de/news/startup-podcasts-gruender-566470/

Made it into iTunes charts http://www.itunescharts.net/ger/artists/podcast/startupradiode-news-und-gesprache-aus-der-startup-/podcasts/startupradiode/

Publications by Startupad.io

  • Hijab fashion by TrendyCovered – An ecommerce startup from Berlin – startuprad.io http://bit.ly/1OJ4vrN

Christian (@CFahrenbach) was named for consideration of best German Blogger, without a blog 😀



Eco System

We found a worldwide study, dealing with e-commerce  http://blog.compass.co/compass-e-commerce-benchmarks-for-2016/

We also found some tweets on a swiss presentation concerning VC investments in Switzerland https://twitter.com/clementjaquier/status/692260274225713152

Germany found to be the best country for founders in the world http://ow.ly/Xm9xM

Berlins Start-up Scene is the fastest growing in all of Europe http://ow.ly/XG02h


Frankfurt will have a government funded Fintech center. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnktJc2Mi7w  // News in German from FAZ (national German Newspaper) http://ow.ly/XG0kQ

Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt based German Stock Exchange) invests in Blockchain Startup of #Wallstreet Veteran Blythe Masters #fintech http://bit.ly/1Qvd0ZP

Big Short Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWr8hbUkG9s

Link 99 Homes  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfttvNCIJvE

My muesli gets external capital http://www.gruenderszene.de/allgemein/mymuesli-genui


Hitmeister (a cologne based ecommerce market place) grows its revenue to 43 million Euros http://ow.ly/Xyckf

Definiton of EBIT and EBITDA

Mattress startup muun received its first round of financing http://www.gruenderszene.de/allgemein/muun-finanzierung

Moving assistance startup Movago throw in the towel. They leave the field to competitor Movinga http://bit.ly/1T0VddG

They have some production problems, but still recieve investments. Cobi bike no has raised 12 mn euro venturecapital so far http://ow.ly/XuCJh

Cobi receives 6,3 mn Euro  http://ow.ly/Xm8vh

if you speak German, you can also listen to the interview we conducted with them at Product Hunt Frankfurt http://www.startupradio.de/interview-mit-cobi-bike-auf-dem-product-hunt-frankfurt-meetup/

Lufthansa wants to get into the drone business and steer/control drones for clients http://ow.ly/XFZGb

Rocket Internet corner

Delivery Hero said to Pick Citigroup, Goldman Sachs for #IPO http://ow.ly/Xu4Y3

Rocket Internet Fund has raised $420 Million for investments in startups http://ow.ly/XgDco

In general: More criticism in Germany… http://www.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/mittelstand/rocket-internet-samwer-und-sein-super-fonds/12850238.html

Definition of a convertible note here


We also like to talk about Innovation. I found there a very interesting piece arguing that Renaissance Florence Was a Better Model for Innovation than todays Silicon Valley  http://bit.ly/1KH6QQ2


Marvin Minsky passed away, Founding Father of Artificial Intelligence http://bit.ly/1JCsLgr

Knowhow for those with vision:

  • Always keep in mind, we are likely to be in, or close to the top of a bubble, which could burst. This time Tech Crunch argues the same way and the founder of MetaLab

Is VC Right for Fintech? http://ow.ly/Xsyoq

Biggest Global Banks at Davos Want to be Fintech Innovators Now http://ow.ly/Xu55c

There are now 229 unicorn startups, with $175B in funding and $1.3T valuation http://ow.ly/XgbGP

Chief Technology Officer of Happiness CTO in Frankfurt, Germany wanted http://ow.ly/WYnAS

A Female Venture Capitalist Shares Her Secrets For Getting Funded http://ow.ly/XFYYL

Uber fail: Why they stumbled in Europe — and a potential case for the US http://ow.ly/Xu5ye

The Art of Startup Finance: Introduction – YouTube http://ow.ly/XG3aO

The Economist combines legend and reality in a good piece concerning the IPO of unicorns http://econ.st/1QhuyIZ

The Mainstreaming Of SPVs In Venture http://ow.ly/XzXJH