Startup news from Germany – January 2016

/Startup news from Germany – January 2016

Startup news from Germany – January 2016

Welcome back to a new episode with latest startup news from Germany. Tune in and enjoy!

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Our German Channel was once again named No1 podcast for entrepreneurs in Germany

Made it into iTunes charts

Publications by

  • Hijab fashion by TrendyCovered – An ecommerce startup from Berlin –

Christian (@CFahrenbach) was named for consideration of best German Blogger, without a blog 😀



Eco System

We found a worldwide study, dealing with e-commerce

We also found some tweets on a swiss presentation concerning VC investments in Switzerland

Germany found to be the best country for founders in the world

Berlins Start-up Scene is the fastest growing in all of Europe


Frankfurt will have a government funded Fintech center.  // News in German from FAZ (national German Newspaper)

Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt based German Stock Exchange) invests in Blockchain Startup of #Wallstreet Veteran Blythe Masters #fintech

Big Short Link

Link 99 Homes

My muesli gets external capital

Hitmeister (a cologne based ecommerce market place) grows its revenue to 43 million Euros

Definiton of EBIT and EBITDA

Mattress startup muun received its first round of financing

Moving assistance startup Movago throw in the towel. They leave the field to competitor Movinga

They have some production problems, but still recieve investments. Cobi bike no has raised 12 mn euro venturecapital so far

Cobi receives 6,3 mn Euro

if you speak German, you can also listen to the interview we conducted with them at Product Hunt Frankfurt

Lufthansa wants to get into the drone business and steer/control drones for clients

Rocket Internet corner

Delivery Hero said to Pick Citigroup, Goldman Sachs for #IPO

Rocket Internet Fund has raised $420 Million for investments in startups

In general: More criticism in Germany…

Definition of a convertible note here


We also like to talk about Innovation. I found there a very interesting piece arguing that Renaissance Florence Was a Better Model for Innovation than todays Silicon Valley


Marvin Minsky passed away, Founding Father of Artificial Intelligence

Knowhow for those with vision:

  • Always keep in mind, we are likely to be in, or close to the top of a bubble, which could burst. This time Tech Crunch argues the same way and the founder of MetaLab

Is VC Right for Fintech?

Biggest Global Banks at Davos Want to be Fintech Innovators Now

There are now 229 unicorn startups, with $175B in funding and $1.3T valuation

Chief Technology Officer of Happiness CTO in Frankfurt, Germany wanted

A Female Venture Capitalist Shares Her Secrets For Getting Funded

Uber fail: Why they stumbled in Europe — and a potential case for the US

The Art of Startup Finance: Introduction – YouTube

The Economist combines legend and reality in a good piece concerning the IPO of unicorns

The Mainstreaming Of SPVs In Venture

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