Welcome back to a new episode of startuprad.io news. This time we  are joined by  special guest  Arjan, who runs an english podcast about the startup scene in Düsseldorf, which is called StartInDus.  Tune in now and find out more about his podcast and the latest startup news from Germany and Europe.

2015 set new records. 313 bn US$ worth of acquisitions of tech companies have been announced (+82%)  http://ow.ly/YsIq8
Tech.eu also sees good signs in european startup scene. According to data tracked by them 11,96 bn € in 1.516 Venture Capital Deals have been completed in Europe and Israel http://ow.ly/YsJ5l 
As you may have noticed on our social media channels, the Startupradio.de team (especially Joe) likes to talk startups worth billions (aka Unicorns). We have found some bad news:
    New York Times writes of “The Rise and Fall of the Unicorn” http://ow.ly/YJyxI
    CB Insights list all 152 found specimins with a valuation of 485 bn € “The Complete List of Unicorn Companies http://ow.ly/YJyIj
    City AM “London fintech unicorn calls in administrators as Deloitte formally appointed http://ow.ly/YJyYG“. 
    Swiss bases Handelszeitung talks about the crash of the unicorns http://ow.ly/YMkDt 
    San Fransisco Business Times talks about submarines, unicorns who have been listed on a market and their value declined afterwards  http://ow.ly/YsHGI
Funding Environtment “Winter is coming”
European Tech Scene Begins to Feel Silicon Valley’s Woes – The New York Times http://ow.ly/YJCFD
German Business Sentiment Falls as Turmoil and China Sow Concern – Bloomberg Business http://ow.ly/YJEvB
Citi: Here Comes a Global Recession – Bloomberg Business http://ow.ly/YMfqC
 On the website of 4YFN  you can find all highlighs of MWC16 related to startups at https://4yfn.com/
On 25 of February Startuprad.io took part at Big Data Summit in Hanau http://www.bitkom-bigdata.de/
Consultancy finds more than 400 #fintech #startups in Germany (+24 % YoY or 1.5 per week) and  P2Ppayments shrinks http://ow.ly/Z3Yws
Auxmoney (German P2P lending plattform) tripples credit volume in 2015 http://ow.ly/YQxrJ
New regional startup podcast with focus on beautifull city of Düsseldorf  in English http://www.startindus.com/podcast/2016/2/16/the-startindus-podcast-episode-1-mapping-out-the-dsseldorf-startup-ecosystem
Upcoming in April, the Startup Woche in Düsseldorf. 11-17 April http://www.startupwoche-dus.de/
 A good  overview of Startup accelerators in Europe was posted at EU-startups.com It costs something (29 Euro) but it is worth to buy if you are a startup looking for a good accelerator to land http://ow.ly/YQoRi 
Deutsche Bourse opens up to fintech startups http://ow.ly/Z3ZYp
Berlin is the freelancer hub but frankurt is the city of jobs http://ow.ly/YqrHE
A laboratory in Germany made first steps towards healing #HIV? http://ow.ly/Z3UJ4
Shares in fintech darling Wirecard plunge on critical report, but the source and the validity of the reports are questionable http://ow.ly/YJDpr
Facebook turned 11 US based Business Broadcast CNBC again posted an Interview, which they had done almost 11 years ago with a young man named Zuckerberg https://twitter.com/CNBC/status/593087360243490816
Joël Kaczmarek (formerly chief editor of startup blog called Gründerszene.de) has a new blog called digital kompakt. Bluntly: Clones goodbye, Rocket will be a normal (?) VC http://ow.ly/Yx3Kj
Wimdu (Rockets airbnb clone) – lost 48,2 mn € in its 4 years of existence  http://ow.ly/Yx3n7
Delivery Hero (Rockets food delivery startup) to exit china amid “anything but sane” competition http://tcrn.ch/1LxfXsj
The Frankfurt based health care only crowdfunding plattform aescuvest gains traction. This time they managed to get two medic equipment company funded at the same time http://ow.ly/YvSVl
Time to repeat with Yahoo the AOL mistake?  http://ow.ly/YJWEV
Berlin-based smart home security device maker BuddyGuard raises $1 million http://ow.ly/YQoJZ 
Kickstarter publishes inside story of how Europe’s most-funded project collapsed https://t.co/ZjK4pS1Q1D
German startup Retina Implant nabs $28M for latest tech to restore sight to the blind http://ow.ly/YYR6B