This time we bring you the recent startup news episode almost on time. Tune in and find out more about the latest startup news in Germany and Europe.

Show notes:

Today we worked Excel and it turns out, our German Chanel reached almost 100.000 Downloads in 12 Month Ending Q2 2016 AWESOME!

We have talked about it since the start of the year, now there is confirmation from the US:
VC investing is down: State of the Startup Economy (End of Q1 2016) — Amit’s Meditations
Hedge funds shun VC in 2016 | PitchBook News #venturecapital

There is a lot of talk on Refugees and Immigrants right now in Germany. We have found a study the WSJ is quoting, “Immigrants Founded 51%” of the US Unicorns

There is a hell lot of new regulation coming into force in 2018, called by Bloomberg “The Next Perfect Banking Storm”. This may lead banks only to lend money to the best borrowers and the rest has to go somewhere else. This could be the time for P2P Lenders?

The so called “Startup Haus Tunis” was officially opened on March 15 reports, founded by enpact (an organization backed by German Government, BMW Foundation and other doners from Germany)

The mentioned audio / book is to be found here:

The football club Hertha BSC Berlin was the first one to get into P2P Lending. They borrowd one million Euros from their fans. Is this the way to go?

We found a lot of talk surounding Berlin based startup SoundCloud and music streaming:
Bloomberg sees a problem that SoundCloud becomes more like its competitors (Spotify, Apple Music, …), with offering its own Music Streaming Service. What do you guys think? Is the company big or good enought to beat Apple? This is also a question raised by Fast Company, who writes about the attack of Apple Music on SoundCloud. Apple now offers DJ Mixes and Mashups, which were more the turf of SoundCloud
And finally Soundcloud got its deal inked with Sony Music to take their songs into their streaming service

Hot right now in Germany: Tickets for flights … in the past.
Due to a EU regulation, airline passangers have claims against their airlines for delays and other inconviniences. The ousted founder of Hamburg based Kreditech Sebastian Diemer is now starting such a company with “”. Manager Magazin (a business publication with a country wide audiance) did not leave too much good on this startup, with a very critical article claiming the startup would only take the very save claims and giving the passengers only 50% of their claim. The article does not paint a good picture of Sebastian, who was in the past roumered to be pressured to left Kreditech for his erratic management style The blog Gründerszene sees also a heating of the flight right market, as they call it, since at least 4 startups are competing for this market with the same strategies ( Compensation2Go, EUflight and Flightcash beeing the other startups in the Game)

GoButler, made famous by the investment of Ashton Kutcher, D-Level celebrity Joko Winterscheidt and 30-Seconds-to-Mars-Singer Jared Leto drops now its full service claim. It will still operate on a short message for your, but limit the provided services. This is yet another setback after the company already stopped operating in Germany earlier this year and left for the US (New York). The only service left is a “24/7 on-demand flight assistant”

Daimler the German car manufacturer behind Merceds, Maybach and Smart could recieve its biggest ever order from Uber!? Manager Magazin reports Uber to be interested in the autonomous S-Class. If true this would be not only a big deal for Daimler, but also for Uber. Since skipping the Taxi organisations (for which it got banned in Germany), it is now appears to be skipping human drivers all togehter?

We already talked about them in the past. Two guys from Koblenz Germany founded Shopify, now Gründerszene reports that Google is interested in buying the company (after beeing one of its big customers). Maybe they make what the blog calls Mega-Exit?

Another sucess story of German Entrepreneurs in Germany. Two founders from Germany raised in total 126 mn USD for their startup Mesosphere The Serices C totaled 74 mn US$ and included HP Enterprise and Microsoft So the company, providing operating systems for data centers is now a unicorn. Their client list is like a tech who is who including Twitter, airbnb, Netflix, Paypal, Ebay

Kreditech receives a €10 mn from the Worldbank’s IFC to accelerate its digital banking strategy for the underbanked

One of our interview partners in German, the P2P insurtech Friendsurance raised $15M, to expand to Australia

Munich-based eGym, who is producing high-tech strength equipment and advanced software for organizing the fitness training floors, secures $45m Series C funding to accelerate the international expansion, after beeing present in already “half a dozend” european countries

Food Startups made lots of news in Germany this month
Three startups are out to get the catering market in Germany moving. They are called Catero, Caterwings, HeyCater reports Wirtschaftswoche. All of them are plattforms to search for a catering provider, which is a big market in Germany. According to the article the 10 largest caterers in Germany generate 2.5 bn € revenues anually. The market as a whole could be as large as 11 bn € Former Delivery Hero Lady Doreen Huber starts now its own caterin platform Lemoncat

Rocket backed Berlin-based online takeaway ordering startup Foodpanda is acquaring the Hong Kong based assets of reports Reuters

A shift in Strategy happened at 3,1bn Unicorn Delivery Hero, based in Berlin. It is rumored to get ready for the IPO and is scrapping the logistics subsiduary Valk Fleet

Hungr another Berlin based food delivery company on the other hand threw in the towel.
Antelope from #Frankfurt made it into “50 Innovative Wearable Products From Kickstarter And Indiegogo” writes TopGizmo Congratulations! RheinMainRocks!

Finleap, the fintech incubator of Berlin based company builder Hitfox, now starts its own bank, called Solarisbank. The bank wants to be the premier partner for fintech and ecommerce startups and provide them with regulated banking services. Solarisbank has a German Full Banking License


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Final Note from Joern: I learned something new since the last recording. Frankfurt was the birthplace and headquarter for the worlds first real airline

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