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Roadtrip Startupradio goes #SXSW

New interview with a food startup from Frankfurt, Lizza who claims to made Pizza healthy

Frankfurt Entrepreneurs Award live stream and video in German, you can see it here in Youtube. Out of 37 applications, three startups were awarded prices. Number two and three taken by FinTech:

  1. Mobileeee who offers a car sharing at the airport
  2. Creditshelf, who helps their client get the best credit offers
  3. Ginmon, a new robo advisor

Finally, we have also been live with the periscope app at the Big Data Meetup here in Frankfurt, which you can replay here


The funding to the new media formats Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Space startups shot up by 44%, totaling $3.5B in equity financings in 2015, over a record 254 deals writes research provider CB Insights

There is a great overview put together by the magazine t3n of the largest marketplaces for e commerce from a retailer’s perspective. If you are a startup looking to sell your product in Germany online you should pay attention

A Berlin investor has the UK tech startups, that in case of a Brexit the EU funding will dry up. We remember from one of the last epidosded, that Berlin was one of the most important sources of VC in Europe


Once again there was a lot going on in Frankfurt recently. No other hub got so much attention here and we have just some news here for you:

Fraport, the company running the Frankfurt Airport will hold it’s first “Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge”

Frankfurt is also now a hotspot for FinTechs. Not only are there a lot of FinTech startups springing up, but also are there many, already listed here. Just two examples of the developments last month:

  • MyBuck, an African micro lender want to IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Unfortunately the mood on Cap Markets have not been good and therefore the plans have been called off shortly before the date of listing
  • Swiss payment service Cashcloud has already been listed in Frankfurt, but now the stock price went into free fall after there have been bad news in questionable research reports

The RheinMain area is a hidden gem in the global gaming industry. Just some links here:


Amazon has now started the Launchpad in Germany, where the company helps startups to sell their B2C products and competes with the likes of Kickstarter

German banks backed payment service Paydirekt wants to expand in Europe, even though the penetration in the German home market is quite low. Obviously they understood that payments are a numbers game. Lets see if it is going to get traction in Germany and worry about everything else later

Rocket Internet, the news podcast is never complete without them. Last month brought more bad news for them:

Dropbox is here, we mean in Germany. They opened the first office in Hamburg last month

The Munich based media group ProSiebenSat.1, which is a very active investor in German and international Startups now completely takes over the digital fashion market place Stylight, at a valuation of 80 million euros. ProSiebenSat.1 was an investor in the company since December 2012

We found a good wrap up of the Google I/O 2016, by The Verge, boiling down the event to just 10 minutes as a Youtube video

Berin based online magazine put together a list of the top 100 female founders in Europe. You can download their issues on their website as a PDF.

Startup Competitions and Innovation Challenges:

Fraport, the Frankfurt based Airport Operator

The public German Health Insurer AOK

The CODE_n16 startup competition

Knowhow for those with vision

VCs calculate valuations different from entrepreneurs. Lear here how

German overview of insurtech startups

Some would agree: Blockchain is over-hyped, but it can stil be part of the solution

Stanford Social Innovation Review proposes a new digital currency for sustainable development

Bill Gates appears to think that the fintech startup bKash will revolutionize banking for the poor

We all know bootstrapping is sexy, here are 5 startups who made it big, the sexy way

A cool article giving you an inside perspective on #Palantir, likely Silicon Valley’s most secretive company

Pratical knowledge on how you should calculate customer lifetime value?

We all knew it kinda before, but now it is official: Fundraising is a numbers game

TED’s secret to great public speaking, of course includes also great public pitiching

Fintech and the Evolving Landscape – Here we get a few points for a potential industry structure

Just be very careful about startup metrics, since a misunderstanding of them could cost you your job

Keep one thing always in mind, for delegation to work, it has to come with coaching