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Startup News Germany Summer 2018 (July, August, September)

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This is a first! For the first time in Germany, a German fintech listed successfully on a stock exchange!

Frankfurt-based fintech Creditshelf listed successfully at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This is the first IPO of a pure play fintech in Germany. The company raised 16.5 m Euros (almost 20 m US$) http://ow.ly/IpTg30l1tUz We have an exclusive interview for you! The recording is done. It will be published mid of October.

Many people are currently in the escooter hype. There is also bad news for them:
Fatal e-scooter accident emerges just as California legalizes riding without a helmet – Washington Post


Irrational Exuberance Revisited: Is Crypto The New Dot-Com Bubble? – cointelegraph.com http://ow.ly/qWnr30lQrg4

“Ultimately, whether digital assets are a bubble or not is no more than a debate over terminology. Even within the crypto community, it is clear to the majority that the present-day tangible output that blockchain-based ventures can offer lags far behind the figures observed at the home page of coinmarketcap.com. It is also clear that these two values will have to realign at some point, similar to how it eventually unfolded with internet companies.”

VentureBeat gives an overview of IPOs so far and Europe is ahead. “So far this year we’ve seen 27 IPOs totaling $32.5 billion in Europe vs. the 14 U.S. IPOs totaling $25 billion.” The European seed landscape: 2018 so far – VentureBeat http://ow.ly/IVji30lBtTj  

We talk a lot about Pro7Sat1, the German TV giant in our startup news: https://www.startuprad.io/category/news/ Now Bloomberg writes about them as well. Now a German Broadcaster Wants a Slice of the U.S. Startup Pie https://buff.ly/2Nu2hVH

Interview with Warren Buffett: Bitcoin Is An Asset That Creates Nothing | CNBC – YouTube http://ow.ly/K8i230lkE2G

Bad news for HelloFresh and Blue Apron, good news for REWE and Edeka? Why grocery stores will win the meal kit wars – KYMA http://ow.ly/STRv30lkGD9

Amazon and eBay account for 66% of German #ecommerce http://ow.ly/olv630kSsgB
related:Amazon’s share of the US ecommerce market is now 49%, or 5% of all retail spend https://buff.ly/2Llc7nM $AMZNhttps://t3n.de/news/amazon-e-commerce-dollar-usa-marktanteil-deutschland-1095470/
related: This is the end of a 70 year era! Otto, the former catalogue retailer and now aspiring ecommerce giant is stopping the catalogue production. Published twice a year they contained fashion to furniture and the likes of Claudia Schiffer http://ow.ly/NfGQ30kTLMO
somehow related: Amazon’s #PrimeDay has ‘Black Friday’ halo effect on retailers – InternetRetailing http://ow.ly/Zwhg30lc6WO
related: This is the Amazon everyone should have feared — and it has nothing to do with its retail business – Recode http://ow.ly/5xj430lc7pN

Startups in Germany get 2.2 bn Euros Venture Capital investments in the first half 2018 reports @EY_Germany http://ow.ly/ACLs30kWk9e

This is fascinating! Online games, like #MMOs learn the same lessons as economists on their currency




Startuprad.io made it in the Top 100 Podcast Download Charts in 2018 in #Germany, the #UK, #USA and #Canada – https://buff.ly/2r044DY

We have more than 12 new videos on our youtube channel, have a look youtube.com/startupradio just one example here:

Frequent Mistakes in Corporate Innovation and how 1789 Innovations tries to help – Rhein-Main Startups http://ow.ly/6J6H30loRxI  

We have a new podcast as well, e.g. with JAM – Just Add Music, a hidden champion of the Berlin startup scene. They exclusively talk about their intention to raise Venture Capital AND we talk why Deezer, Spotify, and other streaming services are lacking differentiation ….


Stories related to our coverage in the past:

  • European healthcare goes XR: Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed reality – writes Tech.eu https://buff.ly/2LdbzAv
    Startuprad.io talked to one of those startups more than one year ago learn more here https://buff.ly/2uyCLmU  
  • Approx. one year ago Startuprad.io talked to Ottonova, the then newly founded all digital health insurer. Now numbers are published and they reached their only their “minimum” goal https://buff.ly/2mRkAEB
    Podcast interview here: https://buff.ly/2OqSA7e
  • To Boost Germany’s Lagging Startup Sector, Incubator Connects Founders To The US Market (German Accelerator) – Crunchbase News http://ow.ly/Rq5330l4kWO via CB Insights
    Here is an interview with the person in charge at German Accelerator Tech New York https://youtu.be/1oJU16vtx8U


Germany was decentralized for centuries and it still shows. Have a look at the less well-known hubs.



Medical Technology Startup GWA Hygiene Raises €2.5m in Funding | FinSMEs https://buff.ly/2w4FwMD



CoinAnalyst’s Pre-ICO ends earlier through cooperation with ShareRing http://ow.ly/HdQy30kTAWl (we have an exclusive interview with the founder: https://youtu.be/hU1hCM90xdc)

Rhein-Main-based Merck leads Venture Capital investment in Mosa Meat, which produces meat, directly grown out of cells in the laboratory | NGIN Food http://ow.ly/BIVX30kZgYf

Frankfurt-based government-owned bank KfW and Frankfurt-based #FinTech CrowdDesk  start pilot program for municipal crowdfunding http://ow.ly/8vOM30l1zn5

Frankfurt-based PropTech Thing-it raises 7 digits VentureCapital – schwarzwild Kommunikation https://buff.ly/2mHNWW9  

Germany’s GreenTec Capital invests in Kenyan start-up Bismart – Capital Business https://buff.ly/2vCxjPy

Commerzbank is one of Germany’s largest banks. They wanted to build a European competitor for online and mobile banks like N26 or @getpenta. Now they stopped their project “Coperincus” reports Gruenderszene http://ow.ly/pTLg30lwmpz

#Frankfurt-based main incubator invests in Darmstadt-based Authada #cybersecurity #startup “seven digits” (more than 1 mio Euro) Venture Capital http://ow.ly/8Rda30lz5gi  

Ouch! Frankfurt-based savedroid gets a bad coverage in Gruenderszene. They talk about many ideas of penis pictures …  and a high-pressure work environment, which made half of the team leave and outstanding over hours compensation  http://ow.ly/QrOQ30lulSL

Deutsche Bank Pushes Digital With Second Fintech Deal This Year – Bloomberg Quint http://ow.ly/yFDn30lz35DB

Munich-based #escooter startup Govecs plans to raise 90 m in their IPO at Prime Standard segment of Frankfurt’s Stock Exchange https://buff.ly/2phBIVu  

Heidelberg-based InsurTech Getsafe surprised, by selling their profitable insurance broker business. They want to focus exclusively on their digital insurance products  http://ow.ly/lp0q30lHJqJ

German fintech Wirecard to push Commerzbank out of DAX 30 https://buff.ly/2Q9B3Sc



DeepL: Cologne-based #startup for translations makes 1.3 m Euros profit in 2016. This is great news since the total loss since inception has been approx 450k €. Keep up with your good work! https://buff.ly/2KX8q7x

Sparkcapital, known as one of Twitter investors, joins 12 m Euros Venture Capital investment round of Cologne and London based startup Homelike. Homelike is a marketplace for business apartments




300 m funding turns fashion shop “About You” in a Unicorn | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/ovNd30l1AUq  

Finanzcheck.de a comparison portal for financial services is sold for almost 300 mn Euros to M-Dax listed Scout24 group. This is Germany’s 2nd largest #fintech exit after 360T transaction, worth approx 750 mn US$  http://ow.ly/daW730l0jOL

related https://www.deutsche-startups.de/2018/07/18/finanzcheck-exit/

Hamburg-based fintech Naga group gets a bad wrap from Finanz-Szene.de, since their ICO was not for themselves, but for a company, which will provide services to Naga. The money actually went to Naga Development Association Ltd. (NDAL) which is domiciled in Belize http://finanz-szene.de/exklusiv-wo-sind-die-50-millionen-aus-dem-ico-des-hamburger-fintechs-naga-gelandet/

#Hamburg-based #Fintech Deposit Solution raises 100 m US$ Venture Capital, valued at 500 m US$ – deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/uHk930lqr8p

#Softbank acts as a lead investor in 10 m US$ #VentureCapital round of #Hamburg-based #soccer startup Bepro. Other investors include Altos Ventures and Korea Telekom http://ow.ly/9kzd30lwmQ7

He used to be a Tesla manager, then he leads the German energy startup Sonnen to international successes, now he has his own #fintech #startup CapInside – a network where members can search investment opportunities http://ow.ly/wkG930lKwc5



#Munich-based robo advisor LIQID raises staggering 33 million Euro #venturecapital, from existing investors https://buff.ly/2QWdrk9

Insurance giant @MunichRe buys IoT startup relayr for 300 m Euros. relayr develops IoT tools like the hardware kit WunderBar and in the past, they already raised more than 100 m Euros #VentureCapital http://ow.ly/sdc230lFOxY

ProSiebenSat.1 exits its share in food supplement shop vitafy – Venture Stars and founders buy shares back reports deutsche-startups.de. This is big news since PS1 originally wanted to take over the company next year http://ow.ly/iNAC30llHwx #startups #munich #VentureCapital

Emirates subsidiary Dnata buys from German TV giant ProSiebenSat1 their travel service tropo reports Deutsche-Startups.de http://ow.ly/aKO030lnuUm

Alasco just started, but Deutsche-Startups.de reports there was already a bidding war going on for their first #VentureCapital investment. Two investors Holtzbrinck Ventures and Picus Capital (Alexander Samwer) made it, valuation 13 m Euros http://ow.ly/vTX730lnvTW

Scout24 was the first group of marketplaces in Germany. They IPOed in Frankfurt in 2015. Now their business is better than expected. They are looking at headline growth of 11.5% to 13.5% for 2018 | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/1AtW30loOOA they are headquartered in Munich

Munich-based startup Blickfeld develops Lidar sensors for autonomous vehicles. Now they raise 8.5 m Euros #VentureCapital. Investors include @HTGF, Fluxunit (@OsramCOM), @TEV_Investment and Unternehmertum VC | NGIN Mobility http://ow.ly/IS9Q30lB1mP



Boerse Stuttgart, Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, is launching a full-fledged trading venue for cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings …




German fintech Auxmoney is eyeing an IPO reports Reuters. The credit platform broke even (according to their own statement) in Q4 2017 http://ow.ly/No7430lD7ZJ





German VC firm Digital+ Partners raises €350 million fund to back B2B tech scale-ups in the DACH region – Tech.eu https://buff.ly/2NQChQ3 #VentureCapital #VC #Germany #Munich #Frankfurt

Philipp Lahm, German soccer player, and captain of the world cup winning German team 2014 is also a big investor in startups. @dstartups compiled a list of his investments, including a 1917 founded organic food producer  http://ow.ly/ZAFg30l4yfX

The three founders of #Flixbus, built a rare German unicorn. Now Deutsche Startups unveils their investments in other startups

  • Compredict
  • everskill
  • Grillido
  • Lanes & Planes
  • metalshub
  • nyris
  • sennder


Founders of #DeliveryHero and #Auto1 invest in platform Shedul, which offers organization of appointments and accounting for #hairdresser, #beautician and #spas – Together with VC Target Global 5 m US$ | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/Zpf030lfsZt

Heirs to the Adidas fortune and Startup300 invest in Graz, Austria based #startup Venuzle. Venuzle plans and coordinates sports activities to motivate people to engage more in sports – deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/IGzk30liIYx  

Valar Ventures (Peter Thiel), Creandum and Redalpine invest 13 m US-Dollar (11,4 m Euro) #VentureCapital in Taxfix, a #tax #startup, which helps with the online filing of the German taxes  – deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/xjMG30lnv4H



Sixt left carsharing DriveNow with BMW this year. Now they want to invest 100 m Euro in new mobility services over 5 years, called “Projekt 1” http://ow.ly/rF6x30lrsmX VW Gets Really Serious About #Tech Deals With We Digital – Bloomberg http://ow.ly/W7hu30lz2Yx  


#Mattress Hype

The end of the mattress hype? #Berlin based muun had to file for insolvency #EXKLUSIV – deutsche-startups.de http://ow.ly/Ph7L30llIeQ

Gründerszene did a survey of the German mattress startups, since some publications already announced the end of the Hype. The startups are seeing the market developing, no end. One even spends one million on TV ads http://ow.ly/Z6Wu30lrtPS



BBVA and ABN Amro invested almost 57 m Euros #VentureCapital in #Berlin-based Solarisbank. Now they published their annual results and generated only approx 2 mn Euros in revenue. This is for a 225 m Euro post-money company | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/Mni630loIbq

Finanz-szene.de calculates the number of customers, which really have their primary bank account with hyped N26. N26 claims 1 m customers, but FZ calculates only 250k – 300k have their primary account with them #Berlin #Fintech http://ow.ly/G17b30laSGs

US #insurtech Lemonade sued German competitor WeFox. Now they seem to have an out-of-court settlement. Lemonade will withdraw the lawsuit, as soon as WeFox made changes. Yet the extent and nature of changes remain unclear | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/DKEE30liNga

The fintech Deposit Solutions (a platform for fixed deposits) and the comparison portal Check24 cooperate. According to Finanz-Szene, parts of the “investment service” of Check24 is white labeled from DS http://ow.ly/AdMG30kXXb7 This is surprising since Check24 originally wanted to take market share away from fintechs. Now they are cooperating.

orderbird, the #Berlin-based #cashier system #startup stopped expansion – They have generated 9 m Euros revenue and 8.8 m Euros loss according to their 2016/17 balance sheet http://ow.ly/3aC330lduDZ

The #adtech #startup Adjust hires former JP Morgan investment banker Mirko Denek as CFO reports Gründerszene. They speculate this may be a sign for a future IPO http://ow.ly/O4GI30lD8wi


#OnlineCommerce (Retail, wholesale, B2B, eCommerce)

Deutsche-Startups uncovered another hidden champion. Autodoc flew under the radar with unicorn deals like #Auto1, but they make more than 250 m Euros in revenue (more than doubled YoY) http://ow.ly/p5vH30l6IGJ

Two of the investors in Germany’s version of #Sharktank called Die Hoehle der Loewen #DHDL invested in #popcorn producing startup Popcornloop. Now the startup ends in insolvency http://ow.ly/ReGO30l4yeV The article itself is quite uncommon since it’s source is BILD-Zeitung …

#Berlin-based cleaning #startup “Book A Tiger” is working on a strategic realignment – Gruenderszene https://buff.ly/2LJWFln

deutsche-startups.de calculates the #RoI from the IPO of windeln.de – Unfortunatley 10.000 Euros would now be worth 533 Euros. Revenue went down and their China activities are not performing as expected http://ow.ly/IHqN30lnvtM


#RocketInternet corner
Westwing, Rocket Internet’s online furniture store is going for an IPO, targeting 147 mn Euros| Gründerszene http://ow.ly/E4LA30m0Rjd

Rocket Internet Turns to the U.S. With Major New Fund – Bloomberg Quint http://ow.ly/PevG30l6OfZt

#RocketInternet: Their next 5 big (?) startups
1. Instafreight – Platform for trucking capacity
2. Caterwings – Catering platform for corporate customers
3. Spotcap – SME credit platform
4. Pflegetiger – Platform for medical and household helpers
5. Expertlead – E-Recruiter for freelancing techies


Meal Kits are a fought over the market right now. #BlueApron had a very bad Q2. Now #DeliveryHero enters the ring and wants to attack fellow Rocket Internet-backed #HelloFresh. DeliveryHero also thinks about expanding in other services – Sueddeutsche https://buff.ly/2nhQHxm

Westwing: #RocketInternet could #IPO the next #startup this year. #Westwing generated 120 m Euros revenue (H1 2018 +22%) and could float 100 – 150 m Euros worth of stock this year. In turn, this would value them at approx 400 m | boerse.ARD.de https://buff.ly/2NdLMvX

Related: Westwing Boss says the #RocketInternet-backed platform in home & living eCommerce – will sell all non-European activities https://de.reuters.com/article/deutschland-westwing-idDEKBN1KN1X1 via @reuters


#The sad part of the news

Outdoor advertising specialist Ströer bought stylefruits in 2016. Profitable at this time, but Deutsche-Startups writes the 14 m Euros deal turned into a “Disaster” for Ströer. End of 2017 Ströer pulled the plug http://ow.ly/GXTA30kRfiW

Sad news from the fast food chain Noon Mediterranean, founded by two German entrepreneurs. They have to file for insolvency and the two founders have to leave the company reports NGIN Food http://ow.ly/Un8f30lhr4N

Allyouneed.com, the online marketplace of DHL Deutsche Post, is about to end its services. For eight years, DHL tried to set up its own marketplace. First under the name MeinPaket.de, later rebranded to Allyouneed. But now it’s closing. http://ow.ly/lyzZ30lhsxZ

Unfortunately, the #Munich-based used car marketplace carzada disappeared reports Deutsche-Startups exclusively. The founders are already working at new companies again. The platform raised “high six digits” #VentureCaptial in 2016, now all is over http://ow.ly/r4A630lA217


#AllOtherNews AON

Flixbus fights for market share in the #California #motorcoach market reports NGIN Mobility. They start with low prices after they started in the states in May this year https://buff.ly/2Afza2u  
Berlin-based #sports startup Fanmiles is being sold and cooperates now with Miles & More. Fanmiles has among its investors’ soccer world cup winner Philipp Lahm and sports marketers, which had to take a valuation hit in its last VC round http://ow.ly/sK3930m0RAI

Deutsche-Startups checked out the numbers behind the #Movinga story. They just published their 2016 numbers, 36.9 m Euros loss. This is not surprising since the company really had to work hard for the turnaround. #berlin #startup http://ow.ly/kNDw30lA28G

This may be one of the largest advertisement battles of recent history: Foodora and Lieferando. Both are in the restaurant delivery business and spent more than 170 m Euros on advertisement last year reports WELT http://ow.ly/wA7D30lA2iF

Deutsche Bahn (German rail operator) takes over a majority stake in Berlin-based emobility startup Clevershuttle | NGIN Mobility http://ow.ly/NDfr30lHJ41


Stay ahead of the curve

Amazon Marketplace, Prime, and Web Services started slow, are now huge – Business Insider Deutschland http://ow.ly/8h3f30loSw5


How a CEO Almost Killed a $Billion Company – A Case Study For Entrepreneurs – YouTube http://ow.ly/heRA30ltgT8 #KrispyKreme #donuts #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #founder #ceo

#Shopping / eCommerc / Online Shopping

Lessons from #Ikea’s negative reviews in UK | Practical Ecommerce

” Think about this. On ConsumerAffairs, of the 297 reviews in 2018, 288 of them were 1 or 2 stars. On Trustpilot in the U.K., Ikea receives an email for every review. It has not publicly replied to any. By any standard, this is appalling customer service.”


“This week, a report from The Information found that only 2% (roughly 1M people) of Amazon Alexa users have shopped for products in 2018 using the voice interface.

Of those, only 10% (10,000 people) had positive enough experiences that they shopped on Alexa more than once.” CBInsights The Reality Behind Voice Shopping Hype — The Information http://ow.ly/XMxK30lkTBG 

Venture Capital Funnel Shows Odds Of Becoming A Unicorn Are About 1% https://buff.ly/2Fr8BFy



The ultimate product launch checklist for startups | EU-Startups https://buff.ly/2M7Tis3

Top 10 German VCs Funding German Startups https://buff.ly/2Og7QmH


Venture Capital Investing Art, Not Science https://buff.ly/2LZ2wYp #VentureCapital #VC #VCs

Jack Ma on how Amazon and Alibaba differ | CNBC International – YouTube http://ow.ly/FoP530l0jAi

How Some Companies Beat the Competition… For Centuries via @HarvardBiz http://ow.ly/nyxm30kTIpM #podcast #strategy

We talked about it in shows before, but here is another confirmation. Research: The Average Age of a Successful #Startup #Founder Is 45 https://buff.ly/2NCbPup #Entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs

Three Questions All Aspiring #Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves http://ow.ly/SSm330kWawO

Landing Amazon HQ2 Isn’t the Right Way for a City to Create Jobs. Here’s What Works Instead http://ow.ly/RqFo30levy1