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We will be back in the new year.


Once again we have published a lot of videos since our last news podcast. www.youtube.com/c/startupradio.

We talked in a series to startups in the Merck Accelerator program (who also sponsored the videos) including

  • A tool, which turns your smartphone in a microscope and helps craft beer brewers https://youtu.be/FREsJCYloUo
  • A startup, which helps diabetes patients in their daily life without the need for drops of blood and an algorithm to forecast your blood sugar https://youtu.be/4ggx2QUTYDE
  • A 22-year-old entrepreneur, who had a part of his brain removed in neurosurgery in order to cure him of epilepsy. He now wants to help others recover faster with his VR Startup https://youtu.be/zPfhlw7MPbI


We have also been to the Euro Finance Tech. See the videos including a startup from Chicago, Rome, Berlin and Frankfurt: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUbiCAQc22WttfUje1wgmq99Ovc6XnaXv


Finally, we had an audio podcast with Patrick de Zeeuw, CEO, and Co-Founder of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBnefn14JUs&t=2s


Joern is also busy as co-author. E.g. here in this article: The Complete Frankfurt Startup City Guide | StartUs Magazine http://ow.ly/AnMT30gUztR  



Fintech startups seem to love Berlin, but Frankfurt is catching up fast, now already No 2 in Germany, tied with Munich reports the startup blog Gründerszene, drawing on studies conducted by the online bank comdirect http://ow.ly/gYZb30gnI7R

More good news and maybe one can also count them as a fintech the Silicon Valley Bank gears up for their Frankfurt launch as Brexit nears writes the Independent.ie https://buff.ly/2zwzHfg The SVB already hired away the CEO from Frankfurt-based accelerator Mainincubator, which is backed by Germany’s No 2 bank Commerzbank.

12 mn for a fintech from Walldorf reports Gründerszene. Walldorf is not just a nice town, but also home to SAP. The startup Treasury Intelligent Solutions (TIS) is therefore founded by SAP Alumni and is used to monitor money flows. Investors include Target Partners and Zobito http://ow.ly/hOkn30gt5j6 We report is a bit freely as Frankfurt, since it is just 45 minutes by car away from Mainhattan (disclaimer of course without traffic jam).


A fund, operated by the German Powerhouse State of Northrine-Westfalia is going to give more money to founders: It’ll be nearly half a billion Euro now, so around 600 million Dollar, mostly for tech-related startups. That’s a sign for growing competition among German states.



Follow-up on earlier news wrap-ups:

The crisis over at Movinga asks Deutsche-Startups.de? Formely known (and reported by us) as being involved in lawsuits with naming rights against the other platforms, where one can organize to move. Those included Move24 / Movago and Movinga.  Mid of 2016 the founders had to leave and now the Berlin-based startup raised 22 million euros http://ow.ly/cuGh30gaksi

HelloFresh (copycat of BlueApron, backed by Rocket Internet) IPOed successfully at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at 10.25 euros per share, center of the so-called book building range https://buff.ly/2h1pEn4 currently (at the recording of this news wrap-up) is hovering slightly below this level (10.15 to 10.20 Euros)


  • BlueApron competitor HelloFresh prices IPO in Frankfurt, raising up to $369 million | TechCrunch http://ow.ly/FeND30gkhPn
  • BlueApron still dominates the market for meal delivery kits but its market share is plummeting – Recode http://ow.ly/GWbj30gki3V
  • AmazonFresh expands in Germany, now covering Munich, but in the US it is retreating!? https://buff.ly/2lZcZq6


All other news

Everybody who follows us for some time, already knows that the German startup scene is a bit different from the one in other countries and especially the US. In Germany established companies (from DAX to hidden champion to proud companies with traditions spanning several hundreds of years) play a much bigger role with their accelerators. Companies seem to have tried out some ideas and now seem to react to what they have learned, or other companies join the ones with the experience. Therefore we have some Accelerator News here for you:  


Smarthome: The players are getting serious about Smarthomes. Example:

Germany based Nest competitor Thermondo raises 21 mn for smart home appliances  – deutsche-startups.de https://buff.ly/2yrkI64


Google May Reunite With Nest as It Takes on Amazon – WSJ http://ow.ly/hkCG30gZH3t Google wants to integrate its Nest Labs into its hardware team.


GetYourGuide raises $75 million to further expand its global marketplace for travel activities | EU-Startups http://ow.ly/zsHj30glRNc #vc


Investors have backed an AI-doctor app called Ada with $47 million reports Business Insider. Ada has offices in Berlin, Munich, and London. It aims to combine AI with the knowledge of real doctors. Reportedly they have been downloaded more than 1 mn times in their first six months. http://ow.ly/YwyB30glRD2 #berlin #munich #london

The first programmer ever was a woman, named Ada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace


Top 10 equity-based #crowdfunding platforms in Europe | EU-Startups http://ow.ly/jOZp30glRgD two from Germany are in here!

  • Berlin-based Companisto “With more than 70,000 investors from 92 countries and total investments of over €40 million, Companisto managed to become a leader within the market, controlling up to 21% of domestic market share.” writes EU Startups
  • Dresden based Seedmatch is dominant in Equity “With almost €33 million successfully invested into startups, of which 102 projects had been funded, it remains unsurprising that Seedmatch maintained a 95% success rate. With nearly 55,000 members within its network, Seedmatch holds 30% of the German market share alone.” writes EU Startups


Another unexpected player. After the German Parcel Service Deutsche Post started to build an electric car, it may not come as a surprise who joins the autonomous driving business: Germany’s first driverless bus takes to the roads in Bavaria http://ow.ly/BKEL30gcoSi Funny about it, is that none of the well-known car producers is involved, but the little bus is the brainchild of German railway operator Deutsche Bahn.


  • European regulators press pause as Wild West ICOs change the face of crowdfunding – Tech.eu https://buff.ly/2hH23ZI
  • Slock.it’s co-founders; and intermediaries may have violated the federal securities laws with #ICO https://buff.ly/2za2XI7 Link opens PDF
    This is important since Slock.it is a German company, but the ICO can apparently be subject to US securities laws and every company who intents an ICO, may be subject to the same regulation.

    • Related: SEC Determines ICO’s Can Be Subject To Federal Securities Laws: Los Angeles Business Lawyer CA http://ow.ly/oPDQ30gZL0o


Merry Christmas and happy new year! You will hear from us again in 2018! We are looking forward to bring you more news, interviews and event coverage from Frankfurt, Germany and the world!


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