Welcome back after the summer break. We did not only chill on the beach, we rather worked hard for you. We put up more than 9 videos on our YouTube Channel:

  • This includes live recordings from the Ethereum Meetup Central Germany
  • Our interviews from the Frankfurt Motor Show

On our podcast you will find several new podcast interviews, including, but not limited to:

  • Roadtrip interviews from pre-Brexit London
  • RegTech event in TechQuartier here in lovely Frankfurt
  • Plus exclusive interviews e.g. with the world premiere, the first all digital health insurer in Germany, ever to be set up (ottonova)

A recognition for our German and English podcast Wuha! “10 Tech-Podcasts you should know | Gründerszene

Live Stream on November 16th at Euro Finance Tech 2017 you can watch on YouTube

Eco System

Stock Exchanges are now hot on German tech startups:

Stuttgart Stock Exchange now invests in #startups with its own subsidiary –

Also there seems to be an epic battle ahead Euronext wants to list young German Tech companies


  1. First: Good news FinTech VC Q2 2017 in Germany: 2nd Best Quarter on Record
  2. Second: Did you ever give a thought on the dangers of fintech? Fintech – Tech Looks Like the Economy’s Weakest Link
  3. Third: A global overview
    The Global Fintech Report Q2 2017

Ecommerce in #Europe: €602 billion in 2017

Funding Conditions for #Tech Startups Soar to a New Record – Bloomberg

Bloomberg found half of the unicorns cheating in their valuation!

“Study finds private valuations aren’t grounded in reality” – Bloomberg


Are Bitcoins what we think it is?

Nobel-winning economist Robert Shiller says #bitcoin is “the best example right now” of a speculative #bubble

This Chart Reveals the Centralization of #Bitcoin #Wealth 4% of adresses own 90%+ of bitcoins

No, #ICO Market Caps are Not Crazy. The Reason is Basic Economics #cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is fiat money, too – The Eoncomist #etherum #hardforg


Podcast from Bloomberg – there have been many parallels made out … listen for yourself. Odd Lots: How An Austrian Economist Explains the #TulipBubble – Bloomberg






The September 2017 will go down in history as the first big month of the Frankfurt / Rhein-Main startup scene.

  1. EXIT #Daimler buys Rhine Main based #Ridesharing #startup Flinc | NGIN Mobility
  2. Bosch annouces intent to buy COBI
  3. Merck Accelerator takes in new batch of #biotech and #healthcare #startups #rheinmainrocks Disclaimer – We are cooperating with Merck on their Accelerator Program
  4. Tokens made in Rhein Main: Brainbot, one of the lead developers of Ethereum is announcing the Raiden Token (RDN) – Raiden Network by @brainbot_tech   from Mainz #blockchain #ICO #ICOs
  5. Journalism startup Merkurist (based in Mainz) raises 1,5 mn € | Gründerszene


Survey: Entrepreneurs see #Frankfurt equal to #Munich or #Hamburg as #startup hub | FR #rheinmainrocks #fintech


Top cities for #startup employees, Frankfurt No 18, #London No 43| Nestpick #Security #salary #Brexit


They keep on working and pushing. Some time this year WeWork Frankfurt will be opened. Therefore here the WeWork news

Room To Grow: Why #WeWork’s $20B Valuation Isn’t Crazy

Opening Soon: WeWork Frankfurt – need a place for your start-up? – Rhein-Main Startups


Fintech Incubator NAGA Group Sees Successful IPO on Frankfurt Stock Exchange | Finance Magnates

If you listen to us for some time you may remember, we had the world premier of them as well:


Here come the drones! #Germany’s first #DJI #store opens in #Frankfurt’s shopping mall MyZeil


Frankfurt Motor Show

Frankfurt self driving cars, a shake-up at Tesla and GM’s big claim


Study: Only 22% of Germans deem carsharing attactive | NGIN Mobility


Reserach institutes in Germany working on artificial gas to rescue the combustion engine


Startups in Germany are racing their Silicon Valley rivals to reinvent the bus




Follow-up on earlier news wrap-ups,


Lovo SOLD for 70 million USD in cash  

Lovoo – hugh sucess with some spots writes, since they had to pay a 1,2 mn Euro fine, for many fake profiles in their app. Two managers and twelve employees had been under investigation.

  • English article on the deal: The Meet Group acquires #German #dating #app giant LOVOO for $70 million in cash | EU-Startups


The insolvent Berlin Startup Auctionata made sad headlines in our news over time as well: Auctionata’s Inventory Heads to a Fire Sale as the Once-Prominent Art Startup Winds Down wrote artnet News


Hamburg based deposit intermediation startup DepositSolution (No 2 in Germany) buys Savedo (No 3)  

Little self promotion here: We have a interview on the shelf with No 1 in Germany, called Raisin. We talk to the CEO and founder in an exclusive interview.


You may have heard that Germany’s No. 2 airline Air Berlin went bust? It left traces in the German startup scene as well, but not how you might think: Flightright – grows on troubles of Germany’s No 2 airline #AirBerlin| Gründerszene #delays #cancelledflights


The Aachen (norther Germany) based medtech Hemovent raises 2mn for new heart-lung apparatus 1/10th of avg. size writes Gründerszene


BMW leads $38 million investment in used car marketplace Shift | VentureBeat


12 insurance companies got together in Munich to build an innovation hub for insurance (keep in mind, it is home to Allianz, the German insurance behemoth and the biggest re-insurer in the world Munich Re) | Gründerszene


Rocket Internet Corner:

Blueapron Stock Flop Hurts Europe’s Biggest Startup Factory writes  Bloomberg Quint, playing at their share of newly listed Delivery Heor. None the less a few months later Rocket managed to sell 22 mn of their Delivery Hero shares (13% of all shares) for 660 mn € (705 mn US$) to Napsers, who already owns 23,6% of Delivery Hero  –


Rocket Internet revenues hit €1.24 billion, sells shares in Delivery Hero


And finally some bad news for the “old economy”

Lidl wanted to find an answer to Amazonfresh in Germany and gave up | NGIN Food


Competitions and events


We are media partners of Euro Finance Tech. This is an annual event during Euro Finance week. The event organizers still accept applications to the Euro Finance Tech Awards in several categories till October 11th:

As said before, we will be there for a live stream.


Stay ahead of the curve


  • Intel Capital has invested over $1 billion in companies focused on AI | TechCrunch
  • Creating Shareholder Value with AI? Not so easy with Watson writes investment bank Jeffries (PDF)
  • How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact Alzheimer’s Research?

Fintech glossary: Crypto edition – Reuters #bitcoin $BTC #cryptocurrency

Orrick veröffentlicht Leitfaden für deutsche Startups zu Venture Capital Finanzierungen und Expansion in die USA

Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know – YouTube  

How big is #bitcoin, really? This chart puts it all in perspective

What is a Convertible Note? Startups 101 –  Robert Neivert, 500 Startups