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Many more interviews on YouTube!

On our YouTube page www.youtube.com/startupradio you can find more interviews from the Merck Accelerator, as well as from our New York trip! There is enough material for at least two more weeks!

Startuprad.io searches for the global headquarter of Spitzberg Partners, the venture capital company of former German secretary of defense Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg in New York http://ow.ly/hGpM30k7NGS

We have two winners of the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards in the exclusive video interview, including one which wants to list 2019. Subscribe here:   



Block.one Closes Record $4 Billion ICO of EOS writes Blockchain News. They want to be competitors of Ethereum, but they are now running on Ethereum … 🙂 Let’s see if it works out or becomes a pets.com https://buff.ly/2JbUBBa

According to calculations by consultancy Oliver Wyman – Fintechs already cut 1,5 bn Euros profits out of the bank business in Germany writes Gruenderszene.de, although 900 mn thereof are from retail banking https://buff.ly/2rt6pbq #fintech #germany #profit #Banking

The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can. Writes The New York Times, which is not known for irrational exuberance. Everything is now a subscription service … http://ow.ly/7Wel30k5CsI #startups #VentureCapital #burnrate #cash #cashburn #ecommerce #startupeconomy #economy #us #USA




Top-10 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Germany including ARAGO and savedroid from Frankfurt! Congratulations! Did you know they raised more than 100 mn USD among them? – Nanalyze https://buff.ly/2IUQZYw

Here you find our video interview with savedroid https://youtu.be/oEfX6knd-1o



Meet the Bremen, Germany based startup Spaactor, which wants to go head to head with Google in voice recognition | Gründerszene https://buff.ly/2s2zx9Y



How Flixbus conquered the European coach market –
America is its next target writes TheEconomist https://buff.ly/2Iyyvc9  

Berlin-based insurtech Wefox has among its investors celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and was hyped by several startup blogs. Now they are publishing numbers: 50 mn venture capital raised, 4 mn revenue and 230.000 customers | Gründerszene http://ow.ly/Reku30jRy5m


Germany’s Home24 plans IPO of 200 mn Euros in Frankfurt as seeks to rival IKEA in online furniture sales | Reuters https://buff.ly/2x1jI8o  

Related: Home24 will list on June 15th in #Frankfurt in a price range from 19.50 € to 24.50 € writes manager-magazin.de http://www.manager-magazin.de/finanzen/boerse/home24-legt-preisspanne-fest-boersengang-am-15-juni-geplant-a-1210635.html

Rocket Internet’s Global Fashion Group publishes Q1 numbers and disappoints writes Gründerszene. Q1 2017 saw 229 mn Euro revenue, and now Q1 2018 only a growth to 237 mn Euros http://ow.ly/fc3430kb5Zu $RKET

HelloFresh to Sell Meal Kits in Giant Food, Stop & Shop Stores – WSJ http://ow.ly/OxGS30kjrK3



Automobile OEM Continental tests autonomous cars on Germany’s Autobahn, and BMW got a license granted to test their autonomous vehicles in #China | NGIN Mobility https://buff.ly/2IYKRh1

iNext is BMW’s assault on Tesla. An partly autonomus, electronic car writes NGIN Mobility http://ow.ly/MAZk30k6LLe



Where are the millions of the swiss-based #Envion #ICO are investors asking according to Gründerszene. They raised more than 100 mn dollars and now the founder is accused of embezzlement http://ow.ly/3S7d30k6LLL



Redcoon wanted to breach the billion Euro revenue goal in a few years, backed by German electronics retailer Media Markt Saturn. Now they quit Germany http://ow.ly/MOCI30kfgOU

Why Amazon struggles in Europe http://ow.ly/pzHY30kfhcU  



German cookie giant Bahlsen joins forces with San Francisco based food incubator Kitchentown. They start a program in Berlin reports Gründerszene http://ow.ly/34og30kafmc

Startups and established companies fight for market share. Here is a recent example:

LIDL illegally copies CHUFAMIX patented invention – Plant Milk http://ow.ly/PkII30k6nLd

Lufthansa’s Eurowings founding digital subsidiary, to grow it’s digital #travel #Platform Eurowings.com. The investment is estimated to be in the “millions” and the new company should grow to 150 employees http://ow.ly/adEn30k5Izo



HTGF is backed by the German government and large corporates. Now they invest 1 mn Euros Venture Capital in a Bremen based IT startup, which aims to keep track of parts in satellite and rocket construction http://ow.ly/BZCV30kb6cy

Switzerland based venture capital investor Lakestar is rumored to raise a fund of 1 bn Euros to invest in startups writes Gründerszene http://ow.ly/Mz4K30kaess

We talked about them quite frequently in our #StartupNews #podcastshows. The startup #Sonnen, which is from the countryside in Bavaria. Now they raised 60 mn Euro #VentureCapital, investors include Shell writes Gründerszene http://ow.ly/ibqc30k94x5


Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Matthew Mellon gambled back $1b lost fortune: Now he’s dead and the money’s vanished – NZ Herald https://buff.ly/2sqg96e $XRP #Ripple #cryptocurrencies #investors #investments

KKR pulls off biggest PE-backed software deal since the recession | Pitch Book   http://ow.ly/Jr9C30kfPhX

Most successful founders are middle-aged – MIT Sloan

MITSloan “Zuckerberg, Gates, and Jobs are the exceptions. Most successful founders are middle-aged. ” http://ow.ly/xD2430k6MCH

Data from the Census Bureau and the IRS show the average age of successful business founders is 42.

#CambridgeAnalytica whistleblower: ‘We spent $1m harvesting millions of Facebook profiles’ https://buff.ly/2DySLab