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PANDO Ventures helps to accelerates later stage ventures

PANDO Ventures is a later stage accelerator program, which does not invest money (like the name first would suggest). In this interview, is traveling for you to Wiesbaden, the capital in the state of Hessen. There we talk to Enrico Jakob, a junior partner in PANDO.

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Summarizebot uses AI for automated summaries of text, video and audio

Summarizebot uses AI to generate automated summaries from a text, video, and audio. In this interview, we talk to Dmitry Nedovis , the CEO and one of the two winners of the CONTENTshift accelerator program.  Their tool works in Facebook Messenger, Slack, and other tools. Their tool can also be used for fake news detection, may be able to replace book critiques and is currently applied to stock market sentiment analysis.

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