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In Q3 Rhine-Main startups raised more than 20 mn Euros in venture capital, totaling more than 95 m Euros (approx. 110 m US$) for 2018

We hope you do as great as the startups in [...]

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VIDEO Startup News Germany English – Summer 2018 (July, August and September) Live Stream

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4rjcanULFA&feature=youtu.be Hey Guys, Chris and Joe are back from the [...]

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Exclusive: Trusted Cars dubbed “Germany’s Amazon of Cars” is starting it’s ICO

In a coworking space we got together with Simon Toprak, Founder and CEO of the Frankfurt-based startup Trusted Cars. They have been dubbed the “Amazon of Cars” by the German media since they are an online platform digitizing the buying of used cars. They are starting their ICO for their product Trusted Cars Flex.

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Exclusive Coin Analyst wants to be the Bloomberg of the Crypto-Space and just started it’s ICO [Sponsored]

Coin Analyst wants to be the Bloomberg for the crypto space, by analyzing texts from the web, social media, telegram groups and other sources. They started their ICO right now and we have the world premiere with him. Coin Analyst aims to cover the cryptocurrencies, which are listed on major exchanges and the upcoming ICOs “creating a buzz.”

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Live Stream Accelerator Frankfurt – 4th Wave Demo Day [Sponsored]

This post includes a description and a video link for the 4th wave demo day for Accelerator Frankfurt. There are 6 startups pitching, most of them looking for venture capital. There is also an in-depth conversation about last years "Business Angel Deal of the Year Finnland", with the Business Angel in charge.

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