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VIDEO – EasySend will convert any existing form into a digital process

In this interview, we talk to Meirav - VP of Business Development - EasySend. Easysend is a workflow assistance tool, which helps to digitize formerly manual processes and update information automatically.

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Evan network brings heavy machinery on the blockchain

In this interview, we talk to Thomas Mueller. He is CEO of Evan Network. Evan network enables companies to get their heavy machinery (think large construction machines like building cranes) on the blockchain. With this, the management of their machines becomes much easier, as well as renting them out. Even Networks is currently in the fund-raising phase of a traditional VC round. Evan Network is also the winner of the Blockchain Startup Summit pitch competition, which took place on Nov 15th at Frankfurt School of Management and Finance, in cooperation with EU-Startups and us ( as media partner. Thomas almost missed his award, since we interviewed him.

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In Q3 Rhine-Main startups raised more than 20 mn Euros in venture capital, totaling more than 95 m Euros (approx. 110 m US$) for 2018

We hope you do as great as the startups in [...]

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