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You are listening to the audio track of a Google Hangout Chris and Joe do live every month on Youtube, discussing the startup news of the most recent month. You can join them live by joining their meetup group, where they announce every live stream:


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Startup News Germany January 2019 – calls this the January news, but we kept collecting news pieces after the last show, so some news is from December 2018.

This recording is in media cooperation with Gruendermetropole Berlin.


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Many wrap-ups of 2019, especially VC Numbers

  • PitchBook: European VC investment rose 4.2% in 2018, but number of deals dropped 25.9%
    “Translated: Deal sizes got bigger in 2018. Reading between the lines here, this also indicates that investors were more interested in putting in more money to companies at a later stage, rather than smaller cash injections into younger startups.”
  • 2018 Sets All-Time High For Investment Dollars Into Female-Founded Startups, Crunchbase found at least 26.2 bn US$ with at least one female co-founder
  • European Tech Report 2018: startup funding slightly down year-over-year to total €24.7 billion across 3,000 deals, but exits are way up – by startup funding down YoY
    “What we also noticed is that fintech, medtech/health tech, transportation/mobility and cybersecurity continue to be the main strongholds in European tech, as reflected in both funding and exit numbers.”
  • And some more information on the European ICO Market: Europe is the second-biggest #ICO market (and other insights from the #Blockchain Ecosystem Report 2018) –
    “According to the research, Europe was the second-largest ICO market in the world in 2018, both in terms of the number of deals and amount raised. Interestingly, it also came first in the average ICO round size, which almost reached $50 million.”


Media Partnerships

We are media partners of Artic15

  • Arctic15 is the most effective matchmaking startup event in Northern Europe. The focus is on making deals and quality networking. The 2-day event brings together a focused international crowd of startups, investors, corporates, media and influencers.
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We are media partners: April 2019 in Berlin and May 2019 in Vienna

  • The fair will help in connecting the aspiring talents from all over the world as it is open for both professional and young ambitious intellects. It is a great opportunity for job seekers and employers to find the best from the available resources.


We are media partners of Aufschwungmesse here in Frankfurt! We will be there conducting live interviews! Meet us there on Feb 26th LINK


As well as media partners of Frankfurt Forward: this brings us straight to:

House Keeping

We are media partners of the initiative Frankfurt Forward, where we will interview the “Startup of the month” until September: The first startup of the month is a very very interesting company called Field Buzz, which enables NGOs and companies to work more efficient and up to date with field staff in remote areas. They have the United Nations Development Program as one of their clients, as well as Welthungerhilfe. They have a dual headquarter in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Frankfurt, where we did the interview at the social impact lab:


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  • German insurance company Gothaer is cooperating with fintech Optiopay, which enables the payout for claims in several different ways



#New Unicorns

  • GoEuro, the Berlin-based travel website is now a unicorn reports exclusively
  • Berlin-based #fintech turned bank N26, just became Germany’s first fintech unicorn, is losing Matthias Oetken (CFO and CRO) reports a German newsletter Finanz-Szene
    • Revolut rival N26 picks up $300m as Europe’s most valuable fintech startup
    • N26 gives shares to approx. one dozen important managers, including CTO Patrick Kua and Head of International Markets Alexander Weber  | Gründerszene


#Shmaybe Unicorns

After N26 became a unicorn, Gruenderszene has other German #fintechs with the potential to become a #unicorn on their list:

Solaris Bank

Deposit Solution

Raisin (we haven an exclusive interview with the founder here: )


Scalable Capital


And former darling Kreditech is in trouble, but may still have a shot

Related: Kreditech used to be the most valuable fintech in Germany, but their valuation went from 230 mn Euros to “a few million”. The valuation went down to the cash just recently invested. Now they found another investor, the Hamburg-based Varengold Bank.


#Rocketinternet Corner acquires Delivery Hero Germany: a closer look


After their #startup #Caterwings did not do well in the #catering market, Rocket Internet is starting B2B Food Group (also backed by Holtzbrink Ventures and a third party) reports Gründerszene


RocketInternet keeps selling it’s stake in listed HelloFresh. From a filing on January 8th 2019 they owned only 29,88%, down from 48,71%  


#Venture Capital


#Corporate Venture Capital

German Airline Lufthansa invests in #canadian #startup Hopper undisclosed amount.

The app claims to be able to forecast the cheapest flight booking.


Prosiebensat.1 increases stake at Aroundhome (formely Käuferportal) to 94% – valuing the company at 140 mn Euros


Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has bought Berlin-based open source plattform Artisan,for a rumored 90 mn Euros reports Gruenderszene


Established German credit scoring agency Schufa takes over munich-based fintech FinAPI. FinAPI allows to access current accounts  


Jagermeister, yes the spirits company, invests in startup for art events reports Gründerszene. This is their second investment after the acquisition of #Gin company Gin Sul


#Bad News

The situation at the men’s fashion company Von-Floerke keeps deteriorating reports General Anzeiger Bonn. The shop in Cologne is sporadic open, Bonn and Münster closed. Another complaint against one of the founders was filed for delay of insolvency


#Berlin-based #ecommerce platform Lesara raised 85 mn Euros #VentureCapital, but still had to file for insolvency end of 2018. The founder says they have time till end of january to find a buyer.


Gründerszene tells the story of 11 startups from #Germany, who found themself in crisis in 2018


Monoqi, a Berlin-based platform for designer furniture, has to file for insolvency the second time in 2018 | Gründerszene



Berlin based proptech Medici Living wants to add 1.300 shared flats in 8 different US cities (Austin, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco/Oakland and Washington D.C.) for 262 mn Euros (300 mn US$), backed by the family office W5 of real estate investor Ralph Winter


German realtor startup McMakler exceeds goals for 2018

  • Brokered volume of 400 mn Euros
  • 1.600 apartments and houses are in the inventory
  • 100 new hired realtors


#All Other News

Berlin-based recruitment firm Stepstone acquires e-learning platform Studydrive


ItsMyCargo to launch online shops for logistics | Hamburg News


Stay ahead of the curve

  • myTaxi is a #taxi #hailing #app, which  is owned by Daimler (76+ %) generated 17,6 million loss for their business year 2016/17 reports
  • Dow Jones Venture Report: Investment in European Companies Remains Steady but Deal Flow Dives
  • Facebook is just as interested as its peers in fostering ethical #AI. The social network has teamed up with the Technical University of Munich to back the formation of an independent AI ethics research center.
  • Germany’s digital association Bitkom published a study, laying out that every 8th online purchase is returned in Germany – WELT
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