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At the Studio

OUR STORY TM is the premier source for news and insights on the dynamic digital ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors in the German-speaking global community. Our in-depth analysis and interviews with GSA's founders and VCs provide a guide to this vibrant startup scene. We focus on startups from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, collectively known as DACH or GSA, and deliver our exclusive content straight to your device each week. Our English-language publication has garnered numerous accolades including rankings in Apple's Global Top 20 Entrepreneurship Podcast, Chartable's Global Top 100 Tech Podcast, and Listen Notes' Global Top 0.5%. Join us to stay informed and engaged in this exciting community. Our podcasts are reaching 550,000+ impressions with entrepreneurs and investors monthly. We also run our internet radio station Startup.Radio (100,000+ listners monthly) as well as a YouTube blog, and newsletters.

What We Do


Interviews with Founders and Investors

Those who have been in the startup world for years may be surprised to see new faces, but don't worry! We bring you interviews with founders and investors alike. Some will share their stories about how they got started with a company or founded an industry-defining business while others talk strategy--and there's no shortage of insight on offer here at all.


This Month in German, Swiss, and Austrian (GSA) Startups

What are you waiting for? Just 30 minutes of startup news wrap up a whole month, without you needing to learn one word of German.
In these monthly episodes, Chris from New York and Joe from Frankfurt get together to bring you a wrap-up on what has been going down with startups, investors, and the digital economy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They'll share the headlines that caught their eye as well as background knowledge about these companies and the forces shaping the startup world.



We Look at Important Topics

Get a glimpse into the future and learn what's happening in European startups with our interviews. We'll bring you closer than ever before to initiatives, laws - even federal programs that will shape how this industry evolves over time!



We Ask Practitioners How to Solve Common Problems

When we come across someone who has vast experience or a great solution for common startup founder problems, that's the moment where they get called into our office and talked through their approach. We call this Entrepreneur Tools.

Startup.Radio - 24h Tech Entrepreneurship Radio

Startup Radio

Our Internet Radio Station

Tune in Live here:

Startup.Radio is our 24/7 radio station. It is the world's first tech entrepreneurship radio. We run this station with our content and that of our partners like or the Stanford University Radio Show “Laptop Radio.”
We started our station only in February 2021, but our audience has been growing with >33% MoM in the first year.
Tune in to learn why.

Our Podcast
(Audio and Video)

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The Startupraven Platform

Berlin via Pixabay Logo

Startupraven is a new way for startups to approach investors and partners. Looking for investors or partners, approaching them, and communicating with them is a time-consuming job. Startupraven cuts this to one click.The platform is set up by to help all startups to connect to investors and corporations looking for partners.Corporations and investors can use the platform to get real-time scouting services for potential investments, generate deal flow and look for partners.

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