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Reflecting on 2023: Challenges, Growth, and Hope for a Better Future

It has been quite some time since you heard last from Michelle and Joe, BUT this time is over. They get together to wrap up their 2023 and talk about planning for 2024.

Finding Life Purpose: “You know, I think we should, You know, I’m still really curious about, you know, the motivation of what people Like, what their life purpose is? You know? I I’ve been kinda questioning that myself.” — Michelle Tsing

In today’s episode, your hosts Jörn “Joe” Menninger and Michelle Tsing dive into a reflective and heartfelt conversation about their experiences over the past year. From Michelle’s adventures in various countries to Joe’s entrepreneurial challenges and personal setbacks, they share their highs and lows with authenticity and vulnerability. Join us as we discuss the importance of resilience, the impact of COVID-19, the power of technology, and the value of finding joy in the simple pleasures. Along the way, we’ll touch on topics such as AI, NFTs, blockchain, self-care, and the hope for a better world. So grab your favorite hot beverage and let’s unwind as we explore the lessons learned and the aspirations for the future. Happy Holidays from all of us at Starting Y!

Dealing with Loss: “And it was it was really, Really sad for me because it was my 1st time where I encounter a family member passing away.” — Michelle Tsing

Questions discussed

  1. How has Michelle’s travels and experiences with different cultures influenced her perspective on technology and its potential for improving lives?

  2. In the face of challenges and setbacks, how has Joe managed to maintain focus and stay motivated in his startup journey?

  3. What are some lessons that Joe has learned from fundraising for his startup idea? How has he adjusted his approach based on positive responses from investors?

  4. How has the ongoing impact of COVID-19 affected the hosts, and what frustrations do they express regarding their country’s response to the pandemic?

  5. What personal experiences related to COVID-19 do the hosts share, and how have these experiences highlighted the importance of education and preparedness in dealing with the virus?

  6. How have the hosts found moments of joy and positivity amidst the difficulties of the past year? What specific experiences or encounters have stood out for them?

  7. The hosts express gratitude for Uber drivers and the lessons they have learned from them. Can you share a memorable experience you’ve had with an Uber driver or a similar service?

  8. How do the hosts discuss coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, and what techniques do they personally find helpful in finding relaxation and maintaining mental well-being?

  9. The hosts reflect on their hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year. What are some of your own goals and desires for the future?

  10. How do the hosts balance their professional lives with personal experiences and relationships? What lessons have they learned about prioritizing and making time for loved ones?

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