IDA Pivoted during Coronavirus to a more diversified strategy

We got a call from our largest client [during Corona] and they told us to immediately stop all work for them. Within two hours we lost everything we build up in three years.
Hamedo Ayadi – Co-Founder and CEO IDA

The founder

In this interview Jörn “Joe” Menninger, founder, and host of talks to Hamedo Ayadi (, co-founder and CEO of IDA – Intelligent Data Analytics ( Hamedo is originally born in Morocco and a serial entrepreneur, always based around Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main-Area. He speaks five languages and English is his 5th language. He has not used English in a business setting for 7 years before our interview, so please cut him some slag. He came to Germany early in his life and studied Psychology at the University of Mainz.



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Within two days after our major client called us – to stop all work for them -, we defined a new strategy for IDA … we prepared new services, for new customers for fixed prices
Hamedo Ayadi – Co-Founder and CEO IDA


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Corona really gave us a hard time. 70% of our employees do work related to aviation
Hamedo Ayadi – Co-Founder and CEO IDA


The Startup


IDA is the second company of Hamedo, both of which he co-founded with one of his colleagues from Unisys. They sold their first business – a tech consulting company – which worked with SAP tools and their integration and maintenance in large corporates.  They sold the company end of 2017.

IDA is a platform to connect all data in a single platform and make them usable for the client. They help to optimize and workflows and business processes


IDA started originally with a meeting of chance in a train driving from Frankfurt to Munich
Hamedo Ayadi – Co-Founder and CEO IDA


Venture Capital


IDA has been bootstrapped so far, but they are looking to raise a Series A Venture Capital round. They want to use the funds for global and cross industry expansion. If you want to get introduced to them, let us know.


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