Cansativa imports medical cannabis for Germany

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This interview is in media cooperation with Frankfurt Forward ( Cansativa is the Startup of the Month April 2020. Congratulations!

The founders

Cansativa ( is a family business. The two brothers Benedikt ( and Jakob ( Sons are running the business, their farther is a doctor and helped them found the startup as business angel.

Prior to co-founding Cansativa, Benedikt worked in the field of strategy consulting within pharma and automotive industry. He has a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of how to run a cannabis business in Europe, from regulations to logistics and markets.

Prior to co-founding Cansativa, Jakob worked as a commercial lawyer in Frankfurt. He worked for well-known law firms in Germany, focusing on Litigation, Corporate Law, as well as M&A topics.


I remember, when we received our first shipment – I hade to tell my colleagues why I had to leave to receive a shipment. So I told them: “I have a side business and will receive 20 kilograms of Cannabis.” 😊

Jakob Sons – General Counsel and Co-Founder Cansativa, during his interview


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The Startup

Cansativa, a leading medical cannabis import and distribution company located in Frankfurt, Germany. Cansativa operates and distributes independently via its own fulfillment center, and provides independent market access, extensive warehousing, and distribution capacities.

Medical Cannabis is available in Germany on a doctor’s prescription, with which you can buy it in a pharmacy. Since it is only available on prescription, there is also a refund by the German universal health insurance system for the costs.


As of now, we became one of the leading importers and wholesalers of medical cannabis in Germany.

Benedikt Sons – CEO and Co-Founder Cansativa, during his interview


The Video Interview is set to go live on April 23rd 15.00 CEST (10 am East Coast Time, 14.00 GMT+1)



We have a warehouse and a direct wire to the police. Sometimes we have false alarms and for the first false alarm the had a SWAT team with machine guns here and the police blocked parts of the city of Frankfurt.

Jakob Sons – General Counsel and Co-Founder Cansativa, during his interview

The Audio Podcast Interview went live on April 28th


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