Between-the-Towers_Full-Logo-300x45Frankfurt is on its way to become one of the most important Fintech hubs in Europe. One of the core initiatives to achieve this leadership positions is the monthly meeting “Between the Towers”. The sponsor of the meeting is main incubator, a Fintech only incubator, who is a subsidiary of Germanys second largest listed Bank: Commerzbank.

The first investment of main incubator was as lead investor of a 15 mio US$ Series B funding in the leader in B2B Dynamic Payments Traxpay.

During a “Between the Towers”-Event we catch the CEO of main incubator Christian Hoppe and the CEO of Traxpay John Bruggeman for an interview. Turn in to hear what they have to say about Frankfurt, Fintech and financing rounds.

If you are thinking of applying for main incubator, you can learn more here.