We hope you do as great as the startups in the greater Rhine-Main area. They added more than 20 million Euros in raised capital, totaling 95,483 million Euros for 2018. All numbers given below are to be understood spanning all of 2018 from January 1st till September 30th.


Venture Capital

The largest block is still “traditional venture capital,” which for our purposes includes equity and debt instruments. They are either invested by legal entities (like funds) or individuals (Business Angels). This way 42,193 million Euros (48.12 m US$) have been raised in 19 transactions we have tracked. This decreases the average transaction size to approx. 2,2 million Euros (2.5 m US$).

Initial Coin Offering

There was no change to the ICO numbers as of now, therefore the amount raised remains at 35 m Euros (approx. 40 m US$) from the savedroid ICO, according to press data.  We keep track of all the ICOs ongoing right now in the Rhine-Main region. These include, but are not limited to TrustedCars, CoinAnalyst and HELIX Orange.


Initial Public Offering

This is a first for the German fintech landscape. The lending fintech creditshelf made a successful IPO in Q3 and raised 16,5 million Euros (approx. 19 m US$) with their IPO. They are the first German fintech to list in Germany and the only listed pure-play fintech listed in Frankfurt. They are headquartered in Frankfurt.



We saw a diminishing interest in crowdfunding in 2018, by startups from Rhine-Main. This changed at least a bit with the food startup Lizza, which raised 1,7 m Euros in a crowdfunding campaign. This brings the total to 1,79 million Euros (approx. 2 m US$).


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Exchange rate used: 1 US$ = 0,87550 Euros